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I visited the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin 3 months ago.It’s difficult to describe what that experience did to me. It was profoundly distressing & illuminating as a white person who has never been persecuted because of what I look like or my (non) religious beliefs.
There was a sign there that said (& I paraphrase) “we must never forget. Because it will happen again.”

I look to the US with mute horror at the persecution of black & brown people by whites in uniforms.

Racism. Fascism. Persecution. All on the watch of a Commander in Chief who is so dangerously unworthy of holding this office. And before Australians get all righteous, have a look at our appalling rates of Aboriginal deaths in custody, maternal deaths, life expectancy rates.

Never. Ever. Forget. What happens when complacency, fear and division reign supreme. Never. Ever. Forget.

“It happened, therefore it can happen again: this is the core of what we have to say” Primo Levi at The Memorial to The Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin.

#Minneapolis I am sorry
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The Future of Flex Work: Executive Leadership Roundtable

Please join me in this specially curated event to enable Executive Women to receive great advice, actionable insights and have open and frank discussions about how to create and sustain a flexible working culture in your workplaces.

Fact: Flexible work is an enabler for more women to advance into leadership. Women are carrying the burden of the 'double/double' shift during this pandemic and we know that women are disproportionately responsible for caring duties and other unpaid labour. Whilst we'd love to see the inequity in the division of unpaid labour fixed, there is no doubt that women's advancement into more senior roles with greater responsibility is impacted by a lack of flexible working conditions.

Fact: As leaders of organisations, we also know that you are constantly assessing the impact on your organisation's growth, cost base and ability to attract the best and brightest female talent.

Opportunity: So there has never been a more perfect time to leverage the leadership lessons we've all learned during the global pandemic and advent of almost wholesale remote and flexible working. There has also never been a better time to NOT return to the 'old normal'.

The Roundtable
I'm bringing you a special guest expert, Vanessa Vanderhoek: founder of Flexible Working Day (a movement that I am a proud ambassador of) to not just discuss the benefits of Flex Working, but to advise on HOW to get your organisation ready to reap the benefits ofFlexible Working.

The Roundtable Discussion is an event for A Career that Soars! C-Suite members. You can join us by clicking the link below. Included in your registration fee is an annual membership to our global network of businesswomen.
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