Tall Poppies, Slaying Dragons & Cups of Tea.

Too big for her boots. So bossy! What a f***ing show-off! Good grief. Any wonder that women don’t get out there and promote their achievements? Read about how to be a tall, vibrant poppy that slays dragons, every single day!

How do you show up and what do you cause?

What do you cause? When I ask this question of individual people or groups that I am speaking to, there is often a sea of blank looks, silence and sometimes a bit of muttering. I’d like leaders to reflect on this question much more often.

LinkedIn: Handy hints and hacks.

I recently announced that I'd made a change to my working life. I chose to make the announcement on LinkedIn. So far I've had nearly 500 "likes" and 50+ comments on the LinkedIn update and over 100 messages via LinkedIn messenger to congratulate me. I do not write this to self-promote or stroke my own ego....I write this because it's evidence that the persistent approach I have taken over the last 5+ years to build a LinkedIn profile that truly reflects my brand has been successful.