The Advice Most Women Haven’t Been Given About Career and Leadership Success

Did you know that advice typically received by women covers only two thirds (66%) of the career and leadership success equation in business? This Missing 33%™ of the career success equation has serious implications for a woman’s chances of being seen as high potential, receiving promotions to senior positions, receiving optimal benefits from mentoring relationships and nurturing the next generation of women leaders.

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Are You Worried About Your Burned Out Employees? How to take action now

If you’re like a lot of people I’ve talked with, then you probably got to the end of the calendar year that is 2021 feeling a bit burned out and worrying about the wellbeing of the people you lead. Many of you have spent almost 2 years living, leading and working through a global pandemic. My heart hurts when I hear just how bone-weary, and brain weary, so many people are. 

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10 Ways to Make Workplaces Work for Working Women

There is an exodus of people from the workforces across the world. What alarms me is that 73% of those exiting paid work were women.  And in many cases, those women will not be back in the paid workforce. This is a huge red flag for industry and workplaces. We already have critical skills and labour shortages in some sectors along with low representation of women, particularly non-white women. 

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