Advancing Women works and partners with the best in field people who share our vision for a gender equal and inclusive world. Our team is carefully assembled to ensure our clients are connected to the right solution at the right time.


Advancing women partners with organizations that are committed to achieving gender equality

Leading NOW is the leadership expert and global advisor to organizations - changing the mindsets and behaviors of leaders to create inclusive cultures, developing the skill sets and talents of your underrepresented population, so your employees can outperform your expectations.
The recognized experts at Leading NOW work with global business leaders to drive cultural change for organizations large and small. Leading NOW’s Center for Diversity & Inclusion and Gender Dynamics Institute bring together the world’s greatest minds in DE&I, to share insights, observations, and discoveries to provide guidance to Leading Forward’s & Leading Women’s programs, and to recommend the creation of new solutions to help clients reach their inclusive talent & culture goals.
Advancing Women partners with Femeconomy to raise awareness about the power of the female economy.

Women make 85% of purchase decisions. In Australia it is estimated that women spent $818 billion in the 2016-17 financial year. Femeconomy uses consumer and procurement activism to progress gender equality by unlocking the power of the purse.  If women buy from B2C and B2B brands that have women in leadership, women will impact bottom lines.

Advancing Women partners with MindTribes to deliver solutions to address the under-representation of culturally diverse women and men in senior leadership roles in Australia.

MindTribes works with both Australian and multinational corporates to develop intercultural capability by focusing on the business impact of cultural inclusion. Their market is both local and offshore in shared services, contact centres and multicultural workforces.

Financy is a financial literacy and data insights company with a mission to help women progress and live fearlessly.

We use insights to expose financial inequalities and develop content and experiences for our Members, Partners & Sponsors. We also collaborate with like-minded organisations to provide online Masterclasses, live Q&A sessions and exclusive Discounts that drive actionable change and help move the dial of financial equality as measured through the Financy Women’s Index (FWX). At the helm of the Financy team is the founder and CEO Bianca Hartge-Hazelman and Chief Creative Strategist Neil Hazelman. Financy is supported by a talented group of economic advisors on the FWX and business advisors.



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