I have spent this past week with my family as we grieved for the loss of a family member, my paternal uncle. Occasions like death and funerals can set the scene for deep discussion, reflection and in some cases, regret. Our week has been relatively typical in that regard. My Dad, recounting how he was feeling about the loss of his only brother, said in his very pragmatic way “well, there’s nothing more certain in life than death and taxes.” Interesting, because I disagree (as I can to do with Dad from time to time!) I disagree because IMHO there is a third certainty, if you choose it, and that is your purpose. I recently heard a  quote at an awards night.

“The most important day of your life is not when you were born.

It is the day that you figure out why you were born.” 

In other words, what are you here on the earth to do, to be, to achieve?

This quote has come to me over and over during the week.  It came to light when, in amongst the myriad of funeral arrangements, the subject of eulogising my departed uncle came up. Discussion ensued as to who would perform this honourable but incredibly difficult task, and as the family reflected on what would be said, how it would be said and by whom, the discussion turned to “why”. Not why would we be eulogising my uncle, but the “why” of his life. He had lived his life with purpose and passion, visibly role modelling the activities he believed most in, consistently and truly over the years of his life. So my uncles “why” surely must have made the process of assembling words to captures his life somewhat less difficult from a content perspective.

I’m being reflective, and I hope not maudlin, when I say that I want my eulogy (in the far far future!) to reflect a life well lived and well loved. I want my clear and abiding goal to achieve gender equality and to be an architect of women being empowered to fully and joyfully participate in life and work to be the mark of my life.

I am a woman of purpose and passion. 

So for me, there are three certainties in life. Death, Taxes and Purpose.

Michelle is an astute businesswoman & keen entrepreneur who has founded a business to coach & mentor women of all ages and stages to shatter the glass ceiling & be successful, in whatever way they define success. Founded by a woman, run by women, for women and the organisations that employ women. Michelle is a coach, mentor, consultant, runs events & speaks about her vision to create a gender equal world. Michelle’s business supports, advocates, activates and champions women.


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