Like most people who reach a ‘certain age’ I have experienced many life shaping events.  In 2016 I experienced  what felt like a great many life (actually death) events. Whilst the events themselves have been incredibly sad and challenging they made me pause and reflect on this question. What if this was my last moment on earth?

For those of you who have read my articles, you will know that I am completely focussed on and anchored to my purpose. This life journey I have been on has had many events that have shaped me, formed me, made me change direction and much much more. However as part of enabling my purposeful life,  I try to keep myself on track with a continuing curiosity and desire to learn more, be perfect less and to learn more about myself, so I can help others, especially women.

I don’t have an action plan, but I do have set of questions that I hold myself accountable to:

  1. Am I living the life I want to live and being true to myself?
  2. Am I listening to the right inner voice?  
  3. What is my purpose right now?  
  4. What is my bliss? And am I following it?

A Curious Person

I have always been a very curious person (a stickybeak!) and my inner mentor gently encourages me to question the status quo and make sure I am getting the most out of life.

I have few fears, with one major exception. The fear I have had almost my whole adult life is the fear of getting to a ripe old age and wondering “What If”.  I don’t want to look back with regret about the things I haven’t done. This fear, or drive, has served me well in my career as it has enabled me to take risks, seize opportunities and try new things.

What If Has Served Me Well

“What If” has certainly served me well throughout my studies and volunteer work to address my need to give back and fulfill a higher purpose. It is the drive that makes me (sort of) satisfied that if today was my last day, I can say hand on heart that I have lived my life and loved, fully and joyfully. So whilst the sad events of the last year have made me reflect, I’m confident that I understand my unique skills and strengths and that I continue to take charge or be my own CEO (thanks Peter Drucker!)  I work on the things most important to me and the world, I change course when needed and I will be enthusiastically optimistic, engaged and productive for the next chapter of my life. What I love about having a clear, simple purpose is that my activities are anchored in my purpose to empower and enable women, now and into the future.

So what if this was the last moment of earth for me? Well, my work would be unfinished but I’ve made a bloody good start!

Here’s some great reading/watching:

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