What Are The Good Habits of Successful Confident Women in Business?
What Are The Habits of Successful, Confident Women in Business?

I am very fortunate to have some very successful confident women in my business network. These women are my mentors, confidantes, friends and my personal board of directors.

When one of those successful and confident women, Susan Colantuono and I started A Career that Soars, we had a vision of creating the kind of environment where driven, ambitious women from all over the world could connect, learn and advance together. We wanted to create a network of successful, confident women who became to each other, what Susan and I have always relied on, and advocated for throughout our careers. A trusted network of women who are advisors, mentors, peers and colleagues.

I recently asked some of my trusted advisors what their rituals and routines are. The kinds of behaviours that will become the habits that fuel a career that soars. They’ve agreed to share their secrets with all of you!

Q1:  What are the habits, rituals, and routines that you believe have fueled your successful career?

Amal Yusuf: Manager, Employee Relations, Delta Airlines

  • Blocking time on the calendar every day to set a game plan for the day ahead 
  • Setting goals & revisiting them often (marking them complete, adjusting, setting new ones) 
  • Being intentional about connecting with people in my network (weekly or monthly basis even If It’s a simple hello email) 
  • Taking time off to completely disconnect and recharge (afternoon naps are the best)

Susan Colantuono: Co-Host A Career that Soars, Retired Founder Leading Women

  • Self-care – walking daily, yoga.
  • Every day using my leadership definition to ensure I’m focused on the right activities to fuel outcomes.

Cindy Batchelor: Deputy CEO Australian Red Cross

  • Routine – commitment to regular exercise (training 3x a week). Being physically fit makes me mentally strong
  • Habit – review my CV every 6 months to see what I could add that shows I am learning and growing.  If not, change something
  • Ritual – focus – what are the must do’s (not more than 3) that will make a material difference to performance.  
  • Never sacrifice these things

Laura Ryan: Chief Executive Officer at Lavenpark Consulting. Global Chair at Meat Business Women

  • Write down a priority list every day this will help to stop your time from being de-railed.
  • I’ve recently started journaling, part of which is to be clear on my weekly, monthly and annual goals across the whole of my life (personal & professional) which has helped me be a lot more focused on what I do and don’t want to spend my time on.

Q2: What is your advice to businesswomen about creating (good) career habits, rituals, and routines? 



  • Be selfish so you can avoid burnout.
  • Spend your time on what matters the most to you and your future self will thank you for it
  • Find a habit or routine that helps you decompress and make time to do It. It’s the only appointment you should never cancel because It will help you be a better businesswoman.


  • Put yourself first (the aeroplane oxygen mask analogy)
  • Use my leadership definition to set priorities, daily, weekly, etc.


  • Work out what gives you energy and commit to it 
  • Look after yourself first so you can be your best for others 
  • Always make time to pay it forward even when there is no time.  (Back to focus!) 
  • Believe in yourself and go for it – the worst that can happen is someone says no.  You will surprise yourself! 


  • Openly speak to others about what works for them and try out some of these rituals yourself, in time you’ll build your own personalised routine. It should be challenging!

So there you have it. A peek inside the world of some wildly successful women, from across the globe. I hope that you’ll benefit from their wisdom as much as I have. 

Questions for Women to Answer

Many of you will know that I rarely write or post anything without a clear call to action. My first call to action is to pay attention to this great advice from a group of successful, confident women. It will help fuel your brilliant career.

Your second call to action, for YOUR career that soars,  is in the form of these questions:

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  2. Do you want a professional career mentor that can answer the hard questions you have?
  3. Do you believe that the playing field has been levelled and women are as likely to advance as men?
  4. Do you need a mid-course correction because your career has stalled?
  5. Do you take leadership development courses from your organisation and expect them to help you climb the corporate ladder?
  6. Do you wonder why a man got the job you thought you were perfect for?
  7. Do you wonder why your excellent interpersonal skills haven’t advanced your career?

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