This is how to power up your career
This is How to Power Up Your Career

The month of May is all about power in A Career that Soars!  Specifically, the language of power. If you haven’t yet read No Ceiling, No Walls by our founder Susan Colantuono, then please grab a copy. Then read the chapters Use The Language of Power and Mine The Language of Power. 

Once you’ve done that, head over to A Career that Soars where we have a bumper month of cutting edge leadership content, discussion and experiences that will help you not only understand the language of power but help you use it every day. 

Younger professionals should check out Ascend. Ascend is our latest course, facilitated by Mel Butcher and is designed to help you take the next step in your career. 

How to Power Up Your Career in May


Group coaching call for 1 hour every week for all members to access. Whether you need advice from other members or want to offer advice to other members, this is a great session that has been getting rave reviews.

  • Thursday PM (US) Friday AM (AU/NZ) – every single week!


Coffee. Cocktails. Connections. Our monthly ‘not awkward’ facilitated networking call. Meet other members in small groups with interesting questions and topics for discussion to ease the awkwardness of meeting new people. 

  • First Thursday PM (US) First Friday AM (AU/NZ) – every month!


A course designed for young professionals who are ready to take the first steps to advance their careers.

$319 US

Plus workshops, book discussions and real-time all member chat to get just in time career advice.

If you identify as a woman, work in an organisation and you are not yet a member of A Career that Soars! then click this LINK to find out just why you should be.

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If you’re an emerging or experienced woman leader working inside an organization and you have ambition to advance, but don’t have access to educational programs through your employer, A Career that Soars! (ACtS!) is for you. It’s a personal leadership and career development resource built around a global community of career-motivated women like you.

Annual membership is $US145. Here is why you should invest in your career.

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