Game Changers is a flagship program for the development of female talent across a number of large organisations. It is conducted by Advancing Women in Business and Sport and facilitated by internationally renowned presenter Michelle Redfern.

“I Found Michelle to be most inspiring and motivational.”

Michelle is a great active advocate for women in business and sport and has the commercial experience to back it up. Bringing insight and richness to the theory.

“Michelle is an excellent communicator and passionate about what she does.”

Whilst her passion is advocating for women, she does this in an inclusive way that brings your whole organisation along for the journey. After all, it is about inclusion.

The program has achieved great success as both an on-line and face to face program, allowing for greater flexibility and impact.

“Diversity and inclusion aren’t ‘nice to have on the side’ in your organisation, it’s the business of your business. If you deal with people you need to ensure you are meeting their individual needs. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it’s an opportunity for organisational growth”


Going beyond the traditional focus of building interpersonal skills, self-efficacy and confidence, this program focuses on the need for commercial understanding and business acumen in leadership.

Participants get the opportunity to be part of a cross functional team working on a strategic project aligned to your strategic priorities. They are assigned a senior project sponsor and present their project recommendations to the senior leadership team at the conclusion of the program.  This gives the program and the participants a great deal of credibility and visibility across your organisation.

“Michelle was engaging, kept us on track and pushed us out of our comfort zone.”


  • In two years a major insurance company conducted four programs, with a total of 99 participants
  • 42% of them have had a change in their job role since the program began in 2018
  • 7% are now part of the Executive Management Team
  • 7% have progressed their career outside the organisation
  • 93% would recommend the program to others
  • 81% rated the program as either very good or excellent
  • 88% said the program was invaluable to their role as a leader
  • 100% rated Michelle as either a very good or excellent facilitator

“An excellent program which has provided me with the opportunity to develop new skills, expand my professional network and understand what needs to change in order for me to lead at the next level.”

Game changers is a catalyst for:

  • More women in senior leadership roles
  • A more diverse and well equiped talent pool for internal recruitment
  • Greater retention and attraction of female talent to your organisation

“I am so grateful to have been involved in the program, I have learned so much!”

“Michelle’s knowledge, experience and passion for unlocking the greatness in others is so inspiring.”


Hannah works for a major insurance provider and has undertaken other leadership programs, but she joined Game Changers because she wanted to take her leadership development beyond improving her (already excellent) people skills and to learn more about the business of the business.

Her greatest learning from the program was the focus on the strategic, financial and business aspects of her role, rather than merely the tasks.

“To focus on the value I bring to the organisation, why my role is important”.

“Michelle taught us to look at the business as a whole, through the various lenses, not just from the function we perform within the business. ‘How does this affect our customers, our customer facing staff, our shareholders, the broader community and how will it improve the business?’

Hannah has become an accidental mentor to others as she shares what she learned from Game Changes with colleagues and friends.

“It’s a powerful program as evidenced by the number of new behaviours I have developed as a result of attendance, and the ease with which them come.”

“Game Changers helped me realise it’s not just about having a voice, but in having a message around the value you add to the organisation and to those you are speaking to.”