The Phenomenon That Is The Leadership Game.

There is a game, it’s called leadership. It’s played every day in sport, business and politics. Sometimes it’s played well. A lot of the time, the standard of the leadership game being played is pretty average.

I wonder….

  • Is the standard of the leadership game not getting better because the same players have been on the team for a long time?


  • Is the leadership game not improving because the coaches, trainers, mentors and advisors are the same?


  • Or is it because their game plan for the leadership game hasn’t evolved?

Whatever the reason, more and more of those who are playing this game called leadership need to be aware that they aren’t necessarily playing  to the standard that members, shareholders, constituents and stakeholders want them to play.

Women know about this game called leadership.

Most women know where the stadiums are that the leadership game is played at.

Some women care about getting into the stadium where the leadership game is played.

Some women care about getting to play the leadership game.

Many women care about getting MORE women to care about getting to play the leadership game.

There is this strange phenomenon.

When women get on the field to play the leadership game, they aren’t necessarily triumphant because they come to realise that they’re not always sure who the opposition is. Or who the umpires are. In fact,  some women don’t even know what the rules are or who their team mates are in this leadership game.

The rules are a mystery in this game called leadership. The rules don’t appear to be written down. They just seem to be understood, by those that invented this leadership game. By those that are the dominant number in the leadership game, on and off the field.

Playing the game, really, really well.

quino-al-272729Some women play this phenomenon called leadership really, really well. Some women teach other women how to play this game called leadership. Some don’t. Other women find the leadership game too mysterious, too taxing, too hard and they choose to walk away from the leadership game.


That’s a shame, because it means the game, the rules and the players don’t evolve. It means the leadership game continues to be played the way it’s always been played.

Michelle Redfern is my name and advancing women is MY game.

I advise women how to navigate to the stadium, how to get on to the field and how to play the leadership game. Authentically and successfully.

I advise sporting organisations and businesses about how to evolve to play a new game. A game that the members, shareholders, constituents and stakeholders want their club, their business, their elected officials to play. An inclusive, rewarding, equal and fair game.

A game everyone can play.

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