There comes a time in many of our lives where something will happen, or you become aware of something that perhaps you don’t agree with. The events that occur could be life changing for you, or you feel that you have had the wrath of injustice hit you in the face.

No matter what happens in our lives, no matter how positive we are or hopeful for good things, sometimes things can go the way we don’t foresee and this can really knock you off your game. Loss, personally or within the family. Heartache, again personally or with someone you know. Even injustice in the workplace, feminism taking a hit, or just not agreeing with local or national politics. Whatever it is that has got you fired up, emotional, frustrated or angry, these emotions can be used in a positive way to move forward.

Often when things happen it generates the desire to pass on a message, to make a difference or to implement change. But how do you get your message heard? I want to share with you some of the things you could consider.

Advancing Women How to Get Your Message Heard

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Using social media to your advantage

Social media is an amassing tool, especially if you have something you want to say. It gives you the platform on many different levels to spread awareness, share your voice and to be heard. There are, as you can imagine, different mediums in which you can do it.

You can share your message through images, through words, and even through video. You can link up live and have your say right there and then. You can share snippets of your life through Instagram stories or share something more edited through a video on YouTube.

If you have something to say, often the way you say it, the raw emotion behind it, can really be captured through social media. This is also a great way to find like minded people that maybe share your view or want to get involved in passing on the message.

Creating your own event

One of the best ways I’ve found to get your message head is to create an event as a platform for your message. Many people have started off quite small, perhaps setting up an outdoor event locally where only a few people showed up, but gradually these can move on to be bigger and better, it might then be seeing you looking into generator hire and big marquees.

Having guest speakers and other people involved or getting people together to discuss issues or share the message is a great way to raise even more awareness and to reach your end goal. Whatever that may be.

Networking at other events

If you don’t feel confident setting up your own event, the chances are there will be something you can attend and get involved in that will help you with your own personal message you wish to share.

Networking at these events will help you to seek the support you need to move forward, and to make the changes that you need to make for your own personal goals. Events are a great place to learn new things as well. You may find that you pick up new resources and things that can help you. It may be that the guest speakers or people you connect with enables you to have the courage to continue doing what you are doing.

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Start a blog

Blogging is a great outlet to have especially if you have a message to share. People can then come across your blog posts and help share your message as well as seek support with you or from you in their time of need.

Starting a blog is easier than you would think with many step by step guides to help you get started. Once you get established, you can use social media to share your views, and who knows, it could lead on to valuable collaborations.

People who blog like to take things seriously, so consider your branding and how you want your blog to be seen by others. Take pride in it. It can be your online space to share everything you want and can even be seen as a form of therapy.

Create a business surrounding it

Maybe your message is so strong that you can create a business surrounding it. Perhaps you have the idea of creating something that can raise awareness or valuable funds for your cause. Maybe you love the idea of creating something that you feel passionate about. A blog is an excellent place to start, but it could develop further than that into something more memorable.

Set up support groups or your own network

If you don’t feel confident in blogging or business, then you can still use your message and voice to raise awareness to your message or to help others. Going back to social media and how you can use it, you can set up your own network and support group.

Facebook is a fantastic platform for this and you can give people peace of mind that there thoughts that they share will remain private to you and the group members. This can be a valuable place for people to vent and feel assured they are not alone, while doing great things to help raise your awareness in the first instance.

Following your own lead and setting an example

Finally, whatever you are going through, whatever brought you to this decision to have these thoughts, always ensure that you follow your own lead and set your own example.

Make sure you do yourself proud throughout your journey. Say what you want to say and don’t be afraid to share what you want to share. Often the success of you comes from who you are and how you authentically present yourself. Be that person that you once needed and that makes you proud of what you do.

I hope that these tips help you to rise above a situation in your life and share a message or spread awareness of something that really matters to you.

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