The 2 Terrific TED Talks That Profoundly Changed My Life

I’ve watched a lot of TED Talks. But in this video post, I’m sharing the 2 TED Talks that profoundly changed my life, forever.

TED Talks are typically short videos by people who are sharing ideas about Technology, Design and/or Entertainment (hence TED.) For me, they are stories or concepts that often inspire me to take action. If you are wondering what the hell a TED Talk is, then click this LINK.


I mentioned a few resources in the video that have changed my life… here they are:

The Power of Vulnerability TED Talk: Brenè Brown

The career advice you probably didn’t get TED Talk: Susan Colantuono

The Missing 33% My Year of Living Vulnerably post: Michelle Redfern

The Lead to Soar podcast Get Shit Done: Michelle Redfern

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