She’s brave, she’s vivacious, she’s so damn real.

Mentoring2Advance Participant

Michelle is an exceptional coach, mentor and leader. She is well-versed in shaping internal and external communication strategy within complex organisational and policy contexts. I am very privileged to have benefited from Michelle’s wisdom, guidance and support over the years.


Michelle is an incredible coach and mentor. She has a tremendous ability and expertise to help me grow both personally and professionally. I can’t speak highly enough of this Mentoring2Advance program!

Mentoring2Advance Participant
Michelle was a exceptional moderator and panel member for the event “Journeys of Successful Women” which was organised by Melbourne Lean in. She really champions gender equality and women’s empowerment. Michelle also provided great insights and recommendations to the audience. Her ability to articulate her views while also including other panel members’ views was excellent. We would love to have Michelle back as a speaker for our future events.

Sonali Shah, Chair Melbourne Lean In Chapter

Michelle Redfern was a guest speaker at the SEDA College International Women’s Day event in March, 2018. From the moment she began speaking she captured the attention of our students with her honest and down to earth manner. Her initial activity had them locked in on their competitive nature and ensured they remained invested in the whole presentation. Michelle was able to engage them with real life examples that resonated with the students and helped them to understand the challenges faced by women today in our society. Michelle’s presentation was really tailored to her audience and provided some great insight to the challenges of Women in sport and the massive potential for sport to grow with inclusive practices. We would recommend Michelle to anyone who is looking to move the conversation about gender diversity to the next level.

Justine Bowers SEDA College Netball Victoria Program Teacher

I am a proud graduate of Michelle’s Mentoring 2 Advance course! The combination of Michelle’s industry insight, confident facilitating and expert program content made this experience relevant and useful for me as an already skilled leader.
The group support model was effective in challenging constant personal and professional growth. This program, and any other opportunity to work with Michelle, comes highly recommended.

Rose, Mentoring2Advance Participant 

Michelle is a leader I aspire to be like. She’s brave. She’s vivacious. She’s so, damn, real. I was at a point in my career where I wanted a leadership course to fast track my leadership capabilities. Upon researching the market, I found many courses that talked to the art of leadership, a rare few that talked to the science of leadership, and then I found Mentoring to Advance with Michelle Redfern. It had it all, from commercial/business acumen through to EQ and strategy. I signed up, met my AMAZING coaching circle buddies, and strapped in for 6 months of truely a artfully arranged women centric business excellence in leadership. Detailed content managed in succinct 2 hr once a month sessions, with meaningful homework encouraging design thinking and a growth mindset – it was a joy to participate.On the other side I have grown. I’m ready to take the next step. I’m me, and I’m awesome. Thank you Michelle for your relentless pursuit of advancing women. You are an inspiration, a leader, a teacher, a coach.

To the reader – if you are a woman or have woman keen to advance, don’t waste your time with other courses.

Take the leap and do this. #BestInvestmentEver

Carla, Mentoring2Advance Participant

Michelle has the ability to listen to your story and then help you map your path forward with so much more clarity than before. Her warm and engaging demeanour immediately puts you at ease and sets up great conversation. Undoubtedly, Michelle helped me land my dream job! Highly recommended.


The Advancing Women mentoring program was one of the best investments of my time in 2017. It has provided me clarity and confidence on what I stand for, what I offer and what I want to be known for. Thought provoking content, very well facilitated and overall a great bunch of women. Highly recommend for anyone to help them reflect on their career journey and define a meaningful career path for the future. Thank you again Michelle.

Bronwyn, Mentoring2Advance Participant 

Michelle is my go to career mentor. She has skilfully guided me through several scenarios, allowing me to discover the right answers for myself while opening me up to what is possible. Michelle is authentic and straight down the line and eloquently asks the right questions that lead me to ask the tough questions of myself. I feel like Michelle is my secret weapon!

Sharon, Mentoring2Advance Participant


Michelle is an incredible coach and mentor. She has a tremendous ability and expertise to help me grow both personally and professionally. I can’t speak highly enough of this Mentoring2Advance program!!

Mentoring2Advance Participant


Michelle lovingly held me accountable and challenged me to ‘dare greatly’ and drop my guards. The group of women that came together were so supportive and open of each other which was also testament to Michelle ability to connect and lead. The Advancing Women Mentoring Circle was a well worth while experience and I was sorry when that last monthly catch up was over.

Mentoring2Advance Participant


I attended the Advancing Women 6 month Mentoring2Advance program. It was great to sit amongst ambitious women from the corporate world and understand what was important to them and understand how they develop. It made me realise that I have a lot of personal skills that some women wish for, which was a real confidence booster and put the rest in perspective, eg; I’m not afraid of the business-side of my career anymore. Although it’s something that requires my attention and focus, it’s achievable.  I also felt like I understood myself way more than I did, and I can’t put a dollar value on that. There’s no way I would have been able to move forward without that. 

I learned so much about leadership in my own life and in my career, separate to that of teams and businesses, and how it’s all intertwined. I learned about what it takes to be a leader and what differences actually make a leader. I learned about outcomes and how we define those for ourselves and how we communicate them. I couldn’t say what one thing was the best, only that I knew that by the end of it, I was a different person and that I was in a better position to transition into leadership roles. Michelle knew the right questions to ask to draw out of us how we felt about where we were in our careers, where we wanted to be and the self-awareness we needed to turn that into actions and results.

Jacqueline, Mentoring2Advance Participant


Michelle is an amazing coach! She has a very practical and holistic approach. When I first went to Michelle I did not know how to take the next steps in my career to get where I wanted to go. Now I have a plan. I feel like I have had about 10 years of personal growth in 6 months as a result of the sessions with Michelle as each broadened my perspective.



I met Michelle whilst co-facilitating a voice of the customer session to her and a group of senior leaders at NAB, during which she stood out as a genuine ‘rock star’! Passionate, highly intelligent, persuasive, and possessing a drive to challenge the status quo, Michelle’s style is positively confronting and transformational!I have been privileged to have Michelle play a key role in my own career as coach and mentor, where she has been a strong source of inspiration, wisdom and support. I would highly recommend Michelle in a leadership, coaching or mentoring capacity.

Scott Patterson, Small Business Customer Executive, National Australia Bank. 

Working with Michelle was one of the best investments I made.

Bronwyn, Mentoring2Advance Participant

Michelle recently spoke at our Women in Franchising event on how to ‘Be Your Own CEO’.  Her energy, insights and thought-provoking presentation were fantastic, and feedback after the event was overwhelmingly positive.

I highly recommend Michelle for any speaking engagements especially around diversity and women in business. Thanks Michelle!

Marianne Marchesi, Founder Legalite, Chair Women in Franchising

Michelle’s workshop facilitation for our small team of creative urban planners and urban designers was a huge success. The team left the workshop feeling refreshed and inspired…and also knowing a whole lot more about each other!

Michelle’s approach was exactly what was needed – warm and approachable, yet firm enough to keep the workshop moving to achieve outcomes. Thanks for your help Michelle.

Leah Wittingslow, Associate Director, Mesh Urban Liveable Urban Communities

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