The Advancing Women Formula

The Advancing Women Formula is designed to help organisations close the leadership gender gap and to enable more women to reach their full leadership potential.

The Advancing Women Formula is comprised of a range of research backed and evidence-based solutions and strategies to enable women from all walks of life and at all career stages to advance into leadership.

Women’s Leadership Program: 

In partnership with global Diversity & Inclusion powerhouse, Leading Women,we offer a range of developmental programs and experiences for female leaders at every level. From career start, through to boardroom, we ensure that women are exposed to The Missing 33% and receive targeted development.


Organisational wide, strategic mentoring programs that are carefully curated by Advancing Women. M2A is thoughtfully designed to build the capability of both mentor and mentee, to provide the opportunity for women to move more rapidly into sponsorship relationships, build reverse mentor relationships and of course, to ensure more women are promoted.

Culturally Diverse Women: 

Less than 2% of women from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds are represented in ASX200 leadership in Australia. CDW is a joint venture by Advancing Women and MindTribes to close the cultural and gender leadership gap in the Australian region.  CDW uses sophisticated diagnostic tools along with a proven methodology to enable organisational leaders to build more culturally inclusive workplaces. Our one of a kind Masterclass series for CALD women addresses the barriers to carer progression that CALD women encounter in both the workplace and in the community. CDW has a growing alumni network of women leaders with more than 40 different cultural backgrounds represented.

A Career that Soars!

Michelle Redfern and Leading Women founder, Susan Colantuono, have joined forces to provide women across the globe access to development experiences that go beyond confidence building, assertiveness and the conventional career advice given to women.  Our online platform and community is for women who are serious about advancing their career, their salary, their networks and their influence. It is laser focused on helping career-oriented women enhance their leadership skills and build successful careers. There is much to learn and many opportunities for women to contribute their knowledge and experience.


Michelle worked with us to understand our culture, our leaders and our business. She developed with us a Mentoring Program that was much more targeted towards our participants needs and our business environment, that focuses on The Missing 33% – the critical piece missing in so many women’s mentoring programs out there. She does this because she genuinely wants to drive results, impact and change.

Louise Eckel
Head of Visy HR Business Partnering

I highly recommend Michelle’s Advancing Women Leadership Program. The program’s content and process are accessible, insightful and challenging, delivered with Michelle’s refreshingly affable and ever-supportive manner. Thank you, Michelle, – this program has and will continue to impact on my leadership and networking in positive ways.

Katrina Streatfield
Principal Psychologist & Consultant

Are you a woman who cares about your career? Do you need to take time out to focus on YOU? If so, I highly recommend you sign up for Michelle Redfern’s #Get Shit Done session to spend a whole day investing in you. The session is small, with like-minded women who want to take the time to understand their next steps – whatever they may be. I attended the #GSD session, and not only did I meet a group of interesting and talented women, but thanks to Michelle’s excellent facilitation and thought-provoking questions, I managed to gain greater certainty and clarity about my future focus. I really recommend you contact Michelle to see how she can support you to be who you’re meant to be.

Claire Young
Manager Risk IAG

I am a proud graduate of Michelle’s Mentoring 2 Advance course! The combination of Michelle’s industry
insight, confident facilitating and expert program content made this experience relevant and useful for me as an already skilled leader. The group support model was effective in challenging constant personal and professional growth. This program, and any other opportunity to work with Michelle, comes highly recommended.

Rose Babic
Coach & Consultant

Corporate, Event and Workplace programs available on request. Get in touch with Michelle today.


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