Design 4 Diversity

Design4Diversity is our consulting and advisory practice for organisations who want to move gender diversity from conversation to action.  

We use the principles of design thinking in a four-stage approach to build your organisations deceptively simple, effective and sustainable gender action plan.

1. Diagnose where are you now? What are the facts? What are the numbers? What is the sentiment, attitude and engagement levels of the people in your organisation? Particularly the sentiment an engagement levels of women and other groups that are under-represented in leadership.

2. Define the problem(s) to solve. The diagnostic phase may highlight many areas of potential focus, including doing more of what your organisation is already getting right. It’s easy to get pulled into focusing on many things, so our advice to the leaders we work with is to prioritise activity that your organisation has appetite and capacity for. Far better to do a few things really well and build on that success. What will success looks like for your organisation?

3. Design your gender action plan, considering people, processes and tools.

4. Deliver the how and the what. Building organisational capability and capacity to continuously deliver results. To start or accelerate your organisation’s gender action plan, contact Michelle Redfern for a confidential discussion.


Michelle has been pivotal in accelerating Visy’s journey in the diversity space. Michelle’s expertise in this area, combined with her commercial background in senior operational roles and boards meant she ‘spoke our language’ so was able to help design and deliver a program that engaged our most senior leaders to make purposeful and impactful change.

Amy Walker
Executive General Manager – Visy Human Resources

Michelle’s workshop facilitation for our small team of creative urban planners and urban designers was a huge success. The team left the workshop feeling refreshed and inspired…and also knowing a whole lot more about each other! Michelle’s approach was exactly what was needed – warm and approachable, yet firm enough to keep the workshop moving to achieve outcomes. Thanks for your help Michelle.

Leah Wittingslow
Managing Director Mesh Planning

Michelle truly partnered with us to understand where we were at on our diversity journey. Using her operational and business experience, combined with her results orientated approach, she gets buy in from senior leaders and resonates with leaders and teams across all levels of the organisation. Michelle inspired many of our leaders to take action within their own business and achieve great results.

Louise Eckel
Head of Visy HR Business Partnering

Book Your free 15 minute discovery call with Michelle today

Book your free 15 minute discovery call with Michelle today


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