What We Do and How We Do It

Advancing Women is moving inclusion, diversity and belonging from conversation to action, in business and in sport.

We are an Australian based, globally focussed enterprise that provides research, consulting and leadership development programs to close the global leadership gender gap and to create inclusive, high performance workplaces where all people can reach their full potential.  

What Problem Are We Solving?

THE state of the nation  

Australia is a wealthy, developed country which has had positive economic outcomes for more than 2 decades, bucking the global trend. Yet, outcomes for women in Australia across many measures simply do not stack up positively in comparison, particularly when examining the gender imbalance in Australian business.  

For example:   

  • 86% of Australian companies are chaired by men.
  • 83% of Australian companies have a male CEO.
  • 75%  of Executives are male
  • There is a 20.8% gender pay gap  

Advancing Women is determined to not continue polishing the ‘well polished problem’ of not enough women in leadership across sport, business and public sectors. Leaders in both business and sport need advice and guidance about how to move from conversation to action for equal, inclusive and high performance workplaces.   

This is the primary reason Michelle Redfern established Advancing Women. So as to provide practical, pragmatic solutions to business and sports leaders so they can take action that leads to enduring and sustainable outcomes for their workplaces and organisations.


Our solutions

Design4Diversity draws upon design thinking principles to diagnose, design and deliver high impact strategies and action plans for organisations. 

The Advancing Women Formula is a collective of research backed and evidence based programs for womens leadership development that will assist to close the organisations leadership gender gap. 

Keynote Speaking & MC Michelle provides high impact, high energy and engaging keynotes, panels and events that are focussed on generating outcomes. Board and executive retreats, corporate functions, leadership off-sites and female professional networking functions. 

Advancing Women in Sport Research that provides a blueprint for sporting leaders to address the significant under-representation of women in leadership in the sporting sector. 


Design4Diversity is the Advancing Women consulting and advisory practice for organisations who want to move gender diversity from conversation to action. The advancing women approach we use design thinking practices and a four-phase approach to build your organisations deceptively simple, effective and sustainable gender action plan. The four phases are:

  1. Diagnose where are you now? What are the facts? The stats?
  2. Define the problem(s) to solve. The priorities. What success looks like.
  3. Design your gender action plan, considering people, processes and tools.
  4. Deliver the how and the what. Building organisational capability and capacity to continuously deliver results.

Contact us to start or accelerate your workplace inclusion, diversity and gender equality action plan. 

The Advancing Women Formula

The Advancing Women Formula is designed to help close the leadership gender gap for organisations and to enable more women to reach their full leadership potential.

The Advancing Women Formula is comprised of a range of research backed and evidence based solutions and strategies to enable women from all walks of life and at all career stages to advance into leadership.  

  • Womens Leadership Program: In partnership with global powerhouse, Leading Women, we offer a range of developmental programs for female leaders at every level. From career start, through to boardroom, we ensure that women are exposed to The Missing 33% and receive targeted development.
  • Mentoring2Advance: organisational wide, strategic mentoring programs that are carefully curated by Advancing Women. M2A is thoughtfully designed to build the capability of both mentor and mentee, to provide the opportunity for women to move more rapidly into sponsorship relationships, build reverse mentor relationships and of course, to ensure more women are promoted. 
  • Culturally Diverse Women: Less than 2% of women from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds are represented in ASX200 leadership in Australia. CDW is a joint venture by Advancing Women and MindTribes to close this cultural and gender leadership gap. We provide masterclasses for CALD women along with organisational diagnsotic and advisory services. 
  • A Career that Soars! ACtS is an online platform and community for women who are serious about advancing their career, their salary, their networks and their influence. Michelle Redfern and Leading Women founder, Susan Colantuono, have joined forces to provide women across the globe affordable access to development experiences that go beyond confidence building, assertiveness and the conventional career advice given to women. 

Keynote Speaking

With more than 20 years of experience managing life and leadership, Michelle  has the ‘street cred’ and can tell a story with wit, humour and heart. Michelle is an in-demand speaker about authentic leadership, inclusion and gender diversity.

 Michelle is an expert:

  • Keynote speaker
  • Panellist
  • MC & Moderator
  • Workshop Designer & Facilitator
  • Team Day/Workshop Designer & Facilitator
Advancing Women in Sport

We began researching into the conditions for women working in the Australian Sporting Sector in 2017.

Advancing Women founder, Michelle Redfern, knew gender equality was likely to be a key issue for the industry because of her experience as a corporate executive and sporting director. She had observed first hand the systematic exclusion of women from sports leadership due to attitudes, policy, practices and systems of work.

Our initial research results proved to be unsurprising. Women in the sporting industry are facing significant organisational and attitudinal barriers to advancing into leadership.

The result of these attitudes and the existence of societal barriers to female advancement have resulted in the sporting sector having a very poor scoreboard result when it comes to gender equality.


  1. Educate and raise awareness of gender inequity in sport, particularly for non-athlete women;
  2. Provide access to research backed and evidence based solutions to close the gender gap in sport.


Do you identify the need for a gender action plan within your organisation or club? Are you having limited success advancing women into leadership or increasing the number of women in your talent, membership and corporate sponsorship pipeline? If so, Advancing Women has the solution.

To ensure your sporting organisation develops and delivers a winning strategy for women, get in touch with Advancing Women today.

#GetShitDone Days

Ever wanted to take just one day out for you? To get shit done? Well now you can.

#GetShitDone masterclasses are a practical, fun, joyful, thought-provoking program for women. The masterclass is designed and run by Michelle Redfern, a woman who gets lots of good shit done and has a heap of fun doing it.


For women who want to take time out of their full lives to reconnect with themselves, their ambition, kickstart their “what’s next” plan, connect and expand their network of driven, ambitious women.


This is the time where you will check out of your normal life and check into a session (or three) that is just about you! There are two components to the masterclass:

  • Knowing Your Shit:You’ll reconnect with your purpose, values & strengths as well as gain greater understanding of why your emotional intelligence skills are female leadership game changers.
  • Getting Your Shit Done: We will use the Knowing Your Shit work to define your leadership brand is, elevate your profile & develop your strategic networking plan. You’ll develop a #GSD plan to up your game, no matter what your game is.

This Masterclass is an opportunity for professional women to disrupt themselves by stepping out of day-to-day life to stop, breathe, think and importantly reconnect, to themselves and with others. It’s practical, hands on and will be fun!

I really value working in safe, collaborative environments, so I work really hard to create an atmosphere where women can learn to use empathy, curiosity and vulnerability to create meaningful connections.


At your workplace

At your club

Online (coming in 2020)


Women who’ve attended so far have said:

I attended the #GSD first session; I highly recommend you take a moment for yourself, sign up and commit to you and your development .

I attended the first one and can’t recommend it highly enough. Joyful, supportive and very challenging – I was walking on air for days!

Many thanks for today it was more than I expected! Everything I needed was there, confrontation, evaluation, and what is the best thing- I’m not alone, other amazing women that I aspire to have fears, lack of confidence and direction. You rock!!! I see you as a master chef that brought all the ingredients together for a meal that was perfect to satisfy all at the table.

We also offer workplace programs. For more details, get in touch with Advancing Women to book your #GetShitDone experience today.


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