What We Do and How We Do It

Advancing Women is moving inclusion, diversity and belonging from conversation to action, in business and in sport.

We are an Australian based, globally focussed enterprise that provides research, consulting and leadership development programs to close the global leadership gender gap and to create inclusive, high performance workplaces where all people can reach their full potential.  

What Problem Are We Solving?

THE state of the nation  

Australia is a wealthy, developed country which has had positive economic outcomes for more than 2 decades, bucking the global trend. Yet, outcomes for women in Australia across many measures simply do not stack up positively in comparison, particularly when examining the gender imbalance in Australian business.  

For example:   

  • 86% of Australian companies are chaired by men.
  • 83% of Australian companies have a male CEO.
  • 75%  of Executives are male
  • There is a 20.8% gender pay gap  

Advancing Women is determined to not continue polishing the ‘well polished problem’ of not enough women in leadership across sport, business and public sectors. Leaders in both business and sport need advice and guidance about how to move from conversation to action for equal, inclusive and high performance workplaces.   

This is the primary reason Michelle Redfern established Advancing Women. So as to provide practical, pragmatic solutions to business and sports leaders so they can take action that leads to enduring and sustainable outcomes for their workplaces and organisations.


Our solutions

Design4Diversity draws upon design thinking principles to diagnose, design and deliver high impact strategies and action plans for organisations. 

The Advancing Women Formula is a collective of research backed and evidence based programs for womens leadership development that will assist to close the organisations leadership gender gap. 

Keynote Speaking & MC Michelle provides high impact, high energy and engaging keynotes, panels and events that are focussed on generating outcomes. Board and executive retreats, corporate functions, leadership off-sites and female professional networking functions. 

Advancing Women in Sport Research that provides a blueprint for sporting leaders to address the significant under-representation of women in leadership in the sporting sector. 


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