Pay for Progress

Power, Equality, Alliance, Revolution, Ladies.

These are the ingredients that make PEARL the place for women in business to have each others back so you can be paid what you’re worth.

PEARL is an online, inclusive alliance born out of the #payforprogress campaign that helps you learn how to value your worth, ask for payment, navigate those pesky ‘work for free’ requests with profitable organisations and connects you online with other women who are committed to paying women fairly for their work. Women in the alliance also value their own worth by not working for free with profitable organisations, share market knowledge and stand up for each other.

PEARL recognises that collectively we have the power to eliminate the barriers that prevent women from growing profitable businesses and is built on a foundation of walking our talk.

fullsizeoutput_e47bThere are THOUSANDS of women out there, just like you, who are doing far too much work for free, are barely charging enough to cover your costs, are financially burning out and running businesses that look more successful on the outside than they feel on the inside.

Changing this is one click away and it takes you committing to yourself and your worth.

Click below to join the revolution by subscribing to an annual membership for $97 + GST.

This is an inclusive group designed for women and those who identify as women.

If you have any further questions, please get in touch with Shevonne Joyce via

For further information about the #payforprogress campaign, click here.