I have a confession. I’m a failure at goal setting. But I do follow my gut, have a bias for action and have a solid get shit done attitude.

I used to beat myself up a little bit about this lack of goal setting. That was until I found a new way to stay true to mission to get shit done for gender equality. I thank the terrific Margie Warrell shared a better method for staying in track.

Margie asked me, late in 2016, “Who are you going to be Michelle?” I was at Margies Live Brave weekend with 25 other women. I worked through a bunch of stuff that helped me to live bigger, be braver and frankly, get out of my own damned way! It also helped me to define what my version of get shit done was going to look like.

Who Aee You Going to Be? How will you get shit done?

How I Decided to Get Shit Done

It was a tricky time for me. I was grappling with how to exit my corporate working life to enter the word of self-employment. I was filled with excitement, exhilaration and anticipation as well as some healthy trepidation.  I was fearful that I was going to end up a pauper after 35+ years of working my arse off because now I had to hustle for my income! Now I REALLY had to get shit done!

The weekend was a profoundly positive experience in so many ways,  because I got out of my own head, got out of my own damned way and got serious about how to get shit done.

Process is important when you are choosing your intentions. The process I learned, and now follow in a ritualistic way, is:

  1. Stop.
  2. Reflect.
  3. Visualise.
  4. Decide.
  5. Commit.
  6. Write.

Decisions Were Made

After diligently following this process, I decided that my defining and guiding words for 2018 and what they mean are:

Fearless: I have to be fearless, a lot. The conversations I have to have with people in powerful positions, mean fearlessly calling out what its time for now. Now!

Audacious: I adore this word that I cottoned onto in 2017 whilst judging the TBWA. You can read about it here. I must continue to be audacious. Pick up the phone. Talk to that person. Write that contentious article. Audacious women will change the world.

Persistent: Persistence, resilience and tenacity are traits I must draw upon regularly. Don’t let the knock-backs, the setbacks and the drawbacks distract me from what I must do.

Simple: Now this is a new one for me. Simplifying my life, my business, my clients lives and businesses is a pathway to joyous success. Ive started by making sure I communicate what I do, simply and ensuring that I stick to my knitting…don’t try to be all things to all people.

The Next Step (to get shit done)

I have a beautiful journal courtesy of Margie. My words for 2018 are written there, and as I did in 2017, I’ll refer back to them and their meaning whenever I get a bit wobbly or need a dose of self-inspiration. I will continue this ritual at the end of/start of each calendar year. Its a time that feels right for reflection for me. Its also a good time to determine how I will get shit done in the following year!

MIchelle Redfern Get Shit Done

How do you keep on track for the year? I’d love to hear your ideas.

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