advancingwomen workshops

Michelle runs masterclasses, workshops & intensive weekends for women, businesses and sporting organisations that are serious about advancing women.

Participants experience the advancing Women “formula” of EQ, IQ & SQ to advance, on their own terms.  Women  undertake a series of development actions that unlocks their potential, increases their self-awareness and builds business acumen to have greater organisational effectiveness.

What is the 6 module advancing Women program that enables women to advance?

 EQ: Knowing Me, Knowing You + Female Leadership Game-changers

IQ: Defining Female Leadership + Metrics that Matter 

SQ: The Authentic Female Leader + Be Your Own CEO!

NEW! advance your way Masterclasses (2 hours)

Breakfast Bites or Lunch & Learn 

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Advance Your Way

advance by the Sea!

An intensive weekend by the sea for women to examine, understand and define their pathway to advancement, in business or sport or life.

EQ + IQ + SQ = an advancingwoman!

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