The Advancing Women Formula

The Advancing Women Formula is:

EQ (emotional intelligence)


IQ (business intelligence)


SQ (social intelligence)

All the Advancing Women Masterclasses, workshops & intensive weekends for women, businesses and sporting organisations are based on this formula designed to assist women navigate the ‘system’ and learn the business of business.

The advancingwomen formula is a 6 module program.

advancingwomen Program

The 6 module Advancing Women program is delivered in a flexible way;
  • 6 modules over 3 days
  • 6 modules, once per week/fortnight
  • 6 modules once per month
  • In the workplace or external locations
  • Includes pre & post program diagnostic 

advancingwomen Masterclasses (2 hours)

Masterclasses are a ‘sampler‘ of the first module of the 6 module Advancing Women program. They are a great way to get to know Michelle and the advancing women program. Ideal for Lunch & Learn, womens networking events and team off-sites.

2018 Masterclass Schedule Now Open BOOK

Saturday by the Sea!

A one day retreat by the sea that covers a selection of the Advancing Women Formula. This is a day for women to stop, reflect, recharge and understand how to define their pathway to advancement, in business or sport or life.




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