Make no mistake, I still want to ban busy

It’s always a busy time in business and continuously reviewing the performance of your business, your people and yourself is a normal part of the operating rhythm. Reviewing past performance is also a way to provide input to plan for future out performance. It’s a time to look to the future and determine what you and your organisation wants to be famous for.

When it comes to direction setting, here are questions I encourage leaders to ask:

  1. Are you leading an organisation that is committed to profitable growth for the future?
  2. Is your organisation known as a great place to work for women and men?
  3. Do you wonder how you are going to finally shift the dial on gender diversity at your organisation?
  4. Are you time poor and don’t have the right resources or key experts to advance your gender diversity and inclusion strategy? Or, you don’t have a gender diversity strategy?

There are a myriad of reasons why organisations should strive for gender equality. McKinsey state that diverse and inclusive business have engaged, productive employees, highly satisfied and loyal customers and are 15 per cent more likely to have financial returns above their respective national industry medians. Yes, 15%!

What If?

Advancing Women’s founder, Michelle Redfern, provides gender diversity expertise and is someone who understands and cares deeply about what matters to women and men. Michelle is very curious about people, what challenges them, excites them, irritates them and importantly, when it comes to women at work, what is holding them back. When Michelle gets curious about your people and your organisation, she does not find the answers, or get inspired, by sitting behind a desk. Michelle observes, interviews, learns, diagnoses and designs by immersing herself in the world of your workplace.   Michelle asks, “what if” a lot!

  • What if your organisation had gender balance (50:50) at every level?
  • What if your organisation was able to attract, develop and retain the best and brightest female talent?
  • What if your customers or members knew you were leading a gender equal organisation?

Advancing Women ‘Gets‘ It!

Working with Advancing Women is different. Why? Because Michelle uses her significant expertise to help organisations be better, in a human, inclusive, no BS way. Michelle knows that strategy, process and planning is vital, but it must work for your people.

Michelle has led large organisations, small businesses, P&L and customer facing divisions, shared services/back of house groups and sporting organisations for a long time. That means Michelle ‘gets‘ it. She ‘gets‘ what it’s like to run business. She ‘gets‘ what it’s like for sports administrators. She ‘gets‘ what it’s like for women in business and sport. Michelle is an experienced, talented, credible, authentic leader and ‘gets‘ stuff done!

Do you…..

  1. Want to achieve better performance, greater revenue, greater impact and attract the best people? Then Advancing Women is for you.
  2. Want to be known as a great place to work for women with a market-leading, inclusive culture? Then Advancing Women is for you.
  3. Want Michelle to fix the women in your organisation? Then Advancing Women is not for you.
  4. Want someone who will do the same old, same old when it comes to gender diversity programs? Then Advancing Women is not for you.

Look Before You Leap

Sheryl Sandberg says, ‘done is better than perfect’, so waiting for the perfect time, the perfect strategy, the perfect team means your organizations progress on gender diversity is likely to be glacial.  But some words of warning! Look before you leap into diversity initiatives that are solely designed to ‘fix’ women. They will be costly and frustrating for your women and men, as the initiative, training or resources allocated won’t necessarily be aimed at where your organisations greatest need is.

Advancing Women ensures organisations are in the best position to get started.  The right way, by diagnosing and designing an enduring and sustainable gender diversity strategy.

Advancing Women Designs for Diversity

Design Thinking is a strategic and systematic approach to solving business problems. Whilst design has long been acknowledged as the domain of new product and service development gurus, it is also a very useful, human centred way to help organisations solve the problem of creating gender balanced organisations. Advancing Women uses the D4G model (Design for Growth) which is a four-step method to build a gender equality strategy for organisations that is simple, effective and sustainable.

Diagnose: Ethnographic research methods to establish the current state for all stakeholders. Gather data and feedback into actionable insights.

Define: Gain perspectives from key stakeholders as to what success looks like, create meaning and buy-in to the journey.

Design: A consultative approach using contemporary methods to create a vision, brand, target state and action plan that is meaningful, realistic and measurable.

Deliver: The ‘how’. The stakeholder plan, the business case and the action plan to ensure all parts of the organisation are working and moving in a similar, consistent direction.

Advancing Women Services

  • Gender Diversity Consulting & Advisory
  • Gender Diversity Diagnostic & Design
  • Mentoring Programs: Design & Deliver
  • Female Leadership Programs & Workshops
  • Speaking & Facilitation

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