Introducing The Advancing Women in Sport Podcast with Michelle Redfern

We know that storytelling is a powerful way to humanize the statistics, put a face to the challenges and opportunities that women in sport face. The need to tell the stories of women in sport and to create a clarion call to action to close the gender gaps in sport has never been stronger.

Our first two Advancing Women in Sport research reports gathered statistics as well as publish our own qualitative and quantitative research on people of all genders in sport. While ours and others statistics provide incredible insights, they often fail to give us any real understanding of people’s lived experience. Which is why, for our third Advancing Women in Sport research report, we have gone further to uncover the stories beneath the stats….

We have decided to leverage one of the most powerful storytelling formats, podcasting, for our third ‘report’. In this limited episode series, you will be able to hear the stories of woman at different career and life stages, from different sporting disciplines and sectors within the very large sports industry about their lived experience in the sporting sector.

Season 1 interviews are with women athletes, coaches, administrators, broadcasters, directors and more. The women we interview identify in many ways and represent the many intersectional communities that sport serves. You can tune in via all the usual podcast services or at our website.

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