I Am Not Fixing Women! (nor should you)

I don’t believe in fixing women I believe in fixing the systems that prevent women from reaching their full potential. The systems that hold women back take many forms, and they include societal messaging to women to ‘be more’ and workplaces that have yet to evolve their systems, processes and cultures to remove the hidden barriers that discriminate against women.

I Believe in Not Fixing Women

I do believe in helping women (not fixing women) by being their “human GPS” so they can successfully navigate the complex roads in workplaces (that aren’t yet fixed) so they can flourish and thrive.

I do believe that all women can benefit from continuing professional development, particularly when it comes to realising their full leadership potential (not fixing women).

I do know that many women across the world don’t have access to workplace leadership development programs, for a range of reasons. These can include gender inequity, discrimination, employers that do not or will not invest in women’s leadership development or employers that are simply unable to financially invest in their women employees (not fixing women).

Fixing Workplaces, Not Fixing Women

Continuing inaction by employers to identify, develop and advance women in their talent pools results in too many women being locked out of critical leadership development activity. Being locked out of these developmental experiences that men often automatically have access to has a knock-on effect on:

  • Women’s financial wellbeing and security;
  • Their families wellbeing and security;
  • Societies economic prosperity;
  • Women’s happiness, wellbeing and sense of fulfilment;
  • Women being enabled t have a career that soars!

Without more women developing into and becoming leaders, we reduce the opportunity to create gender-equal and inclusive workplaces which is good for people, customers and shareholders. That’s why we’ve taken action to provide women the power to take charge of their own career.

Giving Women Power (not fixing women)

Women must have access to continuing professional development, and the fact that so many women across the globe still do not have access to developmental experiences is the core purpose for A Career that Soars! existing. A Career that Soars! does not exist to tell women to be more, talk differently, dress differently and certainly does not exist to be yet another fixing women program. A Career that Soars! gives women the power to take charge of their career.

Not Fixing Women

We exist to give women who work in organisations, at all career stages, the power to take charge of their leadership development. When women join our network where they connect meaningfully with other women leaders, can consume cutting edge content, participate in leadership development courses and workshops as well as having the opportunity to be mentored by Susan Colantuono, Mel Butcher and me!

Your Invitation

At A Career that Soars! we quite simply want every woman, no matter how she identifies, where she lives, where she works, or what career and life stage she’s at to enhance her leadership skills, build her strategic network and have a career (and a life) that soars! We don’t want to fix women, because women don’t need fixing. The system does.

If you identify as woman, I invite you to join us. You have simply nothing to lose and everything to gain.

If you’re a male ally, then give a gift with guts, a membership to A Career that Soars!

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