I’m jumping on the avocado bandwagon. Bernard Salt created ‘avocado-gate’ last year when he claimed that young people, were paying $22 for smashed avocado on toast when they should be saving for a house. Now far be it from me to deny anyone the deliciousness of green creamy morsels of fruit on toast, but I think Bernard has a point.
My point isn’t about buying a house.
My point is about investing in yourself, not property. How can you do this? By getting serious about maximising your earning potential.
Did you know that Australians spend a whopping $8.5B per annum on health and fitness products and services? That is $2500 per household. No rocket science about why. Investing in being healthy, looking and feeling good and in having a third party to keep us accountable to our vision, goals and outcomes we want to achieve is not a newsflash.
What we spend our money on
However, back to avocado-gate and back to Bernard’s bandwagon. Here is what else we spend our money on:

  1. $3000 a year on 2 takeaway coffees per day.
  2. $2400 on buying our lunch every day.
  3. $1500 on café breakfast (yes with avocado) once a week

So, go to the gym, buy a couple of coffees, your lunch and an avocado brekky every so often and you’ve racked up an annual bill of not much short of $10, 000!
An alternative playbook.  
One of my clients invested the equivalent of a weekly café breakfast and a 2 x daily takeaway coffee fix. That investment, plus her capability, talent and great attitude, yielded her a new, fulfilling role and a lift in salary of around 35%. Not a bad ROI.
By getting serious about her career, taking proactive steps to understand what was holding her back and being very disciplined about getting help, she could get her next role, increase her salary and have her avocado and eat it too!
Ever felt this way?
If you’ve ever felt or are feeling;

  • Stuck or at the crossroads of your career
  • Going back to work after a break with a heavy heart
  • You’ve got a head a bit fuzzy with the career possibilities in front of you (or the lack of them)
  • That you have no idea what your purpose, vision, values & goals are

Then perhaps it’s time to flick the avocados, takeaway coffee and bought lunches for a little while and invest those funds in a mentoring program.
My inclusive and bespoke group mentoring program,  Mentoring2Advance  is currently taking expressions of interest.
I don’t serve avocado when I work with women, but I do make a bloody good flat white, on the house!

Michelle Redfern combined 20 years of executive leadership experience, sporting administration, a love of sport and passion for gender equality to create a unique enterprise to advance women in business & sport.  Michelle provides advisory services to individual women, groups of women, businesses and sporting organisations that are serious about advancing women

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