Great Advice: How to Do More for an Inclusive Workplace

Advancing Women exists to help close the global leadership gender gap and to enable leaders to take action to create a more inclusive workplace, for all people. To say that 2020 has been a year like no other is woefully understated, which means our advisory work on workplace gender equity and inclusion has never been more important for our clients and for leaders who are serious about doing more to create an inclusive workplace.

Why? Whilst no-one reading would be a stranger to impact on the global economy by the Covid-19 pandemic, perhaps the disproportionately negative impact to women of the pandemic (dubbed a ‘shecession‘) have not been highlighted sufficiently? The alarming impacts on women at work across the globe have included women’s workforce participation rates going backwards and the rate of women being unemployed skyrocketing (see Figure 1). The long-term impacts on organisations who are already trying to stem the ‘leaky pipeline’ of talented women will be dire unless employers make the right choices, now.

The Leaky Talent Pipeline

All this and more means we are so pleased to be in a position to share some resources from our global partner, Leading Women with you here. This series of short articles is an ideal playbook for leaders who are serious about doing more to create an inclusive workplace and those who want to make the right choices, now, to create and sustain inclusive workplaces that work, for women.

These articles were authored by Leading Women and are shared with permission.

About Advancing Women

Advancing Women is moving inclusion, diversity and belonging from conversation to action, in Business & Sport. We are an Australian based, globally focussed enterprise that provides research, consulting and leadership development programs to close the global leadership gender gap and to create inclusive, high-performance workplaces where all people can reach their full potential.

About Leading Women

Leading Women is shaping the future of workplace dynamics by advocating women’s advancement and engaging male allies to bring gender balance to leadership. Our proprietary groundbreaking global research that identified The Missing 33% revolutionized Women’s Leadership Development. Combined with our Consulting Services and Gender Dynamics programs, we equip organizations for transformational workplace change. Our consultative and collaborative approach ensures that high-performing women are moving confidently and consistently through your leadership pipeline. For more than fifteen years, Leading Women’s innovative solutions have transformed leadership teams at a variety of organizations across diverse industries worldwide. For more information on our solutions and Conference Services offerings, visit #WeCanHelp.