Did you know I'm the Queen? (of annoying questions)
  1. Do you feel stuck or at the crossroads of your career?
  2. Do you sometimes back to work after a break and your heart isn’t filled with joy?
  3. Is your head a bit fuzzy with the career possibilities in front of you (or the lack of them?)
  4. When was the last time you thought about your purpose, vision, values & goals?
  5. What if you chose to enlist some help advancing your career?

I’m not known as the Queen of Annoying questions for nothing. But, before you think any more about your career, have a look at these facts and figures.

Have a look at this

Australians spend an estimated $8.5B per annum on health and fitness products and services or roughly $2500 per household. Wow!  The story is that we do that because we want to invest time, money and effort in being healthy, looking good and living well. Ultimately, we also invest in a third party to keep us accountable to our vision, goals and outcomes we want to achieve.

Some other facts and figures about the way we spend our money:

  1. 2 takeaway coffees per day? Annual cost? $3044
  2. Buying lunch every day? Annual cost? $2400
  3. A family of four having a café breakfast once a fortnight? Annual cost? $2500


Not a bad set of facts and figures

Not a bad set of facts and figures to create a bit of perspective. Here is some more perspective.  I had a female client who invested in a mentoring program with me.  She invested time, money and effort equivalent to a fortnightly café breakfast or a 2 x daily takeaway coffee fix. That investment, plus her capability, talent and great attitude, yielded her a new, fulfilling role and a lift in salary of around 35%. Yes, 35%.

Clearly, I have a vested interest in bringing this to your attention. After all, I am in the business of mentoring women and advising companies about how to advance female careers, create greater numbers of female leaders and achieve leadership gender equality.  I am that third party who keeps my clients accountable to their vision, goals and outcomes they want to achieve.  What puzzles me is why more women don’t proactively invest in their greatest asset (themselves!) and prioritise their career?


But enough facts, figures and puzzling. Here’s some more reading for you if you are about developing your leadership career.

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Or, you can cut to the chase and get The Queen to ask you some annoying, yet necessary, questions.
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