Advancing Women uses the D4G model (Design for Growth) which is a process driven method to build a gender equality strategy for organisations that is simple, effective and sustainable.

What is Design Thinking?

Put simply, design thinking is a systematic way to solve complex problems. Its a method to identify the problem or unmet need and then wok towards solution(s).  It is a method to unlock the creativity, capability and knowledge within humans. The sheer diversity of thought within your own organisation due to the different cognitive modes, preferences and experience, means that design thinking can be an ideal method to solve the complex, wicked problem of gender diversity.


The Design4Diversity Process

  • What is? Diagnose all the problem(s) or unmet needs of the human stakeholders.
  • What if? Define the solutions by imagining, brainstorming and thinking big.
  • What wows? Design the concept, the vision, target state and build the prototype.
  • What works? Deliver and experiment with the ‘how’. The program, the plan, the activity.

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