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6 Powerful Ways to Build Muscles That Matter

We expect a lot from women.

We want them to lead, manage, coordinate and juggle life, leadership and career. Often this results in women prioritising their career last in a long to do list. I want women to invest time and effort in themselves, their development and their fulfilment because I know, from my own experience, that understanding myself, my skills and how to use them effectively has positioned and propelled me into doing what I love and what the world needs. More women in leadership!

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How to Get a Killer LinkedIn Profile

I recently announced that I’d made a change to my working life. I chose to make the announcement on LinkedIn. So far I’ve had nearly 500 “likes” and 50+ comments on the LinkedIn update and over 100 messages via LinkedIn messenger to congratulate me. I do not write this to self-promote or stroke my own ego….I write this because it’s evidence that the persistent approach I have taken over the last 5+ years to build a LinkedIn profile that truly reflects my brand has been successful.