Seven Steps to Be The Best Version of Yourself This Year

I want to show up as the best version of myself every year for my wife, my family, my friends and of course, my wonderful clients, members and listeners. I do not leave this to chance. I plan how I am going to show up for the year, every year, because my friends, hope is NOT a strategy!

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The Most Innovative And Inclusive Leaders Daydream; Here Is Why

Let’s allow ourselves to daydream about what an ideal, gender balanced world in sport and business looks like beyond gender biases and discrimination. Let’s daydream about a nirvana like environment that truly has a level playing field, where we are collectively realising our full potential. Yes, let’s daydream a little.

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Why Asking For a Fair Go Is Risky and How to Solve It.

The image of the laconic Aussie bloke saying ‘Fair go mate’ is one that many Australian’s are familiar with. We even had a Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, who famously first used a variant of the phrase: ‘fair shake of the sauce bottle’ in 2006. Well now its my time to echo our 26th Prime Minister and say ‘fair shake of the sauce bottle’, because whilst many of us love Australian bush slang and phraseology, it seems that it doesn’t translate to providing women in Australia an actual fair go. 

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