Man to Man: What does it really take to be a Male Ally?

The term male ally has grown in popularity. Given how ubiquitous the term now is, it got me thinking, what does it really take to be a male ally – but from the perspective of men?  

In this article, I am going to share the perspectives of a group of MIAs (men I admire) and what they consider important when it comes to allyship. I reckon you’re going to benefit a lot from them sharing their wisdom, because I have asked them to share what they would say to a mate, in a ‘man to man’ conversation, about allyship and gender equality. 

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Great Advice: How to Do More for an Inclusive Workplace

Advancing Women exists to help close the global leadership gender gap and to enable leaders to take action to create a more inclusive workplace, for all people. To say that 2020 has been a year like no other is woefully understated, which means our advisory work on workplace gender equity and inclusion has never been more important for our clients and for leaders who are serious about doing more to create an inclusive workplace.

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A Massive Welcome to the Business in Colour Podcast

Once upon a time, I met a businesswoman who was going to help me, another businesswoman, to achieve better business results and more collaborative culture for the teams I led here in Australia and off-shore in India. Yes, she helped me to do that. But what else happened after this fateful meeting was that I gained a lifelong friend, collaborator, wise counsellor, co-founder and someone who has helped me to keep evolving my worldview.

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Be Inspired by these 5 Women Leaders (and more)

2020 has provided me with the privilege of interviewing 5 women leaders who are members of A Career that Soars!  The interviews have been for our monthly Career Q&A broadcast in 2020. These interviews with women leaders have been insightful, funny, joyous and of course, inspiring. 

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Announcing Lead to Soar; our new podcast

Susan Colantuono, Mel Butcher and Michelle Redfern are proud to launch Lead to Soar, our very own podcast for A Career that Soars! members. Lead to Soar is a podcast for experienced and emerging women leaders with the ambition to advance *inside an organization (i.e. working for companies, governments, non-profits). Lead to Soar hosted by Michelle Redfern and produced by Mel Butcher; it is a production of A Career that Soars!

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5 Ways for Powerful Men to Be Active Allies

I started my business in 2016 to become one of the many allies needed to solve the global problem of gender inequality. Powerful men were (and still are) my target market to enact the much-needed change we need to see. This is because men hold power and position in business and sport which means they have the power to be active allies to women by removing the barriers that prevent women, organisations and society from reaching its full potential.

I shared my thoughts and advice in an interview with Femeconomy co-founder Jade Collins.

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What Is The Significance of Otherness?

LGBTIQ+ people are often not able to bring their full self to work, feel like they have to hide elements of their life, and have their psychological well-being compromised by feelings of otherness. This is a significant issue that  68% of LGBTIQ+ people are still grappling with.

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