Women at Work Walk This Fine Line Every Single Day

Women at work walk a fine line every single day. It’s the line between likeability and promotability. In this post, Mel Butcher explores a real-life case study of the double bind and issues a timely call to action for leaders to address the systemic issues that prevent working women from reaching their full potential. 

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Advancing Women Hero Laura Keily is an accomplished woman

Meet Advancing Women Hero Laura Keily, Founder & Managing Director, Immediation. Laura is an accomplished woman who is a barrister and entrepreneur, top-tier corporate lawyer, company director, business adviser, and in-house counsel for listed corporates.  Laura is definitely an accomplished woman who has forged ahead and smoothed the way for the women that come after her. 

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How Equitable and Inclusive is Your Organisation? (do you really know?)

Helping leaders create and sustain gender equitable and inclusive workplaces is our core mission at Advancing Women. Our global partnership with Leading Now means we have access to thought-leadership, research, and tools to help our clients and stakeholders move from conversation to action. In this post, COO Gretchen Sussman outlines how our Inclusive Culture Assessment is the latest addition to our toolkit for more equitable and inclusive workplaces. 

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3 Ways to Shine a Light on Disrespect Towards Women at Work

When I hear women’s stories about being disrespected, harassed and mistreated in workplaces, I feel sadness, frustration, empathy (I am not immune from harassment and discrimination) anger and determination. Determination because I am determined to keep doing what I can to shine a light on disrespect towards women in the workplace.

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She’ll Be Right Mate! (won’t she?)

She’ll be right mate! The image of the laconic Aussie comes to my mind when I hear that phrase. She’ll be right tells me not to worry, not to stress, everything will work out alright in the end. However, the end for many women in Australia is death, injury, homelessness, poverty and a life of misery. That has to stop, now.

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Advancing Women Hero: Mariam Elliott

An Advancing Women Hero is a woman who has forged ahead and smoothed the way for women that come after her. Meet Mariam Elliott who navigated a most extraordinary and fascinating career as an Arabic interpreter and translator.

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