Are You Worried About Your Burned Out Employees? Michelle Redfern
Are You Worried About Your Burned Out Employees? How to take action now

If you’re like a lot of people I’ve talked with, then you probably got to the end of the calendar year that is 2021 feeling a bit burned out and worrying about the wellbeing of the people you lead. Many of you have spent almost 2 years living, leading and working through a global pandemic. My heart hurts when I hear just how bone-weary, and brain weary, so many people are. 

I recently learned from Jess Jones of The Burnout Club that from August to October 2021, there was a 221% spike in Google searches for ‘signs of burnout’. This tells me that as leaders we have an immediate opportunity to stop, breathe and reflect on what must change in the workplace in 2022.

Burnout noun

Fatigue, frustration, or apathy resulting from prolonged stress, overwork, or intense activity.

If you’re a leader of people and organisations, then I have no doubt you will be wondering how you can support your employees who may have limped to the end of 2021 feeling burned out or close to it. Keep reading, as I am sharing some of my most effective tools and actionable insights in this article.

Being Burned Out Doesn’t Have to Be Inevitable

Accepting that being burned out is inevitable is a leadership cop-out. Leaders who consistently demonstrate care, compassion and inclusion are more likely to have sustainable high performing teams and importantly, team members who feel supported and therefore less likely to experience feelings of being burned out.

Leaders must refocus their efforts on developing and demonstrating their 21st Century Inclusive Leadership skills. Here are some thought starters, tools and tips for you to try:

Dom Price from Atlassian shared an article a while back called Managers, your employees are struggling – here’s how to keep them happy. He also says that as leaders, we should be able to make the following statements:

  • I know who my best people are, and I have plans in place to keep them engaged while ensuring their continued growth.
  • I’m proud of how we attract, hire, and onboard people into our business. The way we operate enables them to do the best work of their lives.
  • We live our values and have a strong, adaptive culture.

What do you think?

What About You?

How are you looking after yourself? Newsflash, despite this being the time of year when they are very fashionable, New Year’s resolutions don’t stick! So please start prioritising yourself and your wellbeing all year round, because your family, your employees and your colleagues need you!

Download my Life Audit Worksheet which is a 12-week, weekly reflective activity to audit your life. You will decide what are the few important behaviours that will fuel success in life, leadership and work.

As a leader, you are a role model. When your workers see you prioritising inclusion, kindness, compassion and your own wellbeing at work, it is much more likely that they will follow suit.

So please, do yourself, your workers and your workplace a favour. Stop, breathe and reflect on what must change for workplaces in 2022 (and beyond!) I promise it will be worth it.

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