I am the CEO of my own company… and I take the time, make the effort and generate competitive advantage by creating a powerful, authentic online presence and as a result, a professional, recognisable brand.

I have taken this approach for a number of years, even before I chose to become a corporate escapee (code for self-employed) in 2016.

Why? Because great CEO’s know that their product, their market and their value proposition sets the agenda for the company brand awareness and equity.  So on that basis, I think you should get used to the fact that you are a brand.

Ask yourself this:

  1. Is your personal brand being defined by you?
  2. Are you allowing your brand to be determined by others?
  3. What are your digital assets, and are you using them to their fullest advantage?
  4. Do you understand what impact you want to have, and how?

Ever done this? 

  1. Arranged to meet a new friend for lunch
  2. Booked a coffee meeting with a new business contact
  3. Gone for an interview
  4. Interviewed someone

Yes, most of us have and if you’re like me and millions (yes millions) of other people, you will have googled the person who will be on the other side of the table, or checked out their LinkedIn profile, Instagram account or Twitter feed.  It is HIGHLY likely they have done the same to you.

Google your own name right now.

Go on…..and see what comes up. Like what you see?

  • Is your LinkedIn profile and/or your website, on page 1 of google?
  • Under images (yikes) check out what images are there of you.
    • Are they you?
    • Are they what you want a client, partner, future employer to see?

They say the best place to hide a dead body, or evidence of a dead body, is on page 2 of google searches.  If you are not on page 1 or you don’t like what you see, here are some options:


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