Announcing Lead to Soar; our new podcast

Susan Colantuono, Mel Butcher and Michelle Redfern are proud to announce the launch of Lead to Soar, our very own podcast for A Career that Soars! members

Lead to Soar is a podcast for experienced and emerging women leaders with the ambition to advance *inside an organization (i.e. working for companies, governments, non-profits). Lead to Soar hosted by Michelle Redfern and produced by Mel Butcher; it is a production of A Career that Soars!


🎧 Season 1 is ready to go with new episodes released every week on a Thursday afternoon, (northern hemisphere) Friday morning (southern hemisphere).

🎧 The podcast is an additional benefit for our ACtS! premium members and episodes can be found by searching for the Lead to Soar topic.

🎧 All members can access¬† Season 1, Episode 1 with our compliments. Click here to become a premium member of A Career that Soars!

We hope you enjoy the podcast as much as we enjoy making it.

Your hosts at A Career that Soars!

About A Career that Soars!

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With actionable and proven content specific to your level and career stage, A Career that Soars! is the place for you to:

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And if you want to…

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