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The Advancing Women Formula Supports Women To Reach Their Full Potential

The Advancing Women Formula
The Advancing Women Formula is our women’s leadership development offering which is comprised of a range of research backed and evidence-based solutions and strategies to enable women from all walks of life and at all career stages to advance into leadership and to reach their full potential.

We provide women at every career and life stage, access to critical leadership and career development experiences seldom offered in women’s leadership development programs. From career start, through to the boardroom, we ensure that women are exposed to The Missing 33%™, how to Think Like a CEO and how to Speak The Language of Power™.

Women undertaking our programs are provided with the opportunity to undertake our bespoke Leadership Excellence Assessment which is a 360-degree diagnostic that, along with the program materials, facilitated and self-paced learning and of course, peer mentoring ensure they undergo both the mindset and skills capacity building essential to advance their career.


Women’s Leadership Program

In partnership with global Diversity & Inclusion powerhouse, Leading Now, we offer a range of developmental programs and experiences for women leaders at every level. From career start, through to boardroom, we ensure that women are exposed to The Missing 33% and receive targeted development with access to critical leadership development experiences seldom offered in women’s leadership development programs.


Organisational wide, strategic mentoring programs that are carefully curated by Advancing Women. M2A is thoughtfully designed to build the capability of both mentor and mentee, to provide the opportunity for women to move more rapidly into sponsorship relationships, build reverse mentor relationships and of course, to ensure more women are promoted in leadership roles.

Culturally Diverse Women

Less than 2% of women from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds are represented in ASX200 leadership in Australia. CDW is a joint venture by Advancing Women and MindTribes to close the cultural and gender leadership gap in the Australian region. CDW uses sophisticated diagnostic tools along with a proven methodology to enable organisational leaders to build more culturally inclusive workplaces. Our one of a kind Masterclass series for CALD women addresses the barriers to career progression that CALD women encounter in both the workplace and in the community. CDW has a growing alumni network of women leaders with more than 40 different cultural backgrounds represented.

A Career that Soars!

A Career that Soars! is an online career network that provides women across the globe access to development experiences that they may not have access to through their workplace. Our network is for ambitious, driven women and goes way beyond confidence building, assertiveness and the typical career advice given to women. Our global online platform and community is for women who are serious about advancing their career, their salary, their networks and their influence.



The AWF program content is customised to our client cohort’s specific needs and will be aligned to the development outcomes deemed as critical to the program by client stakeholders.

The AWF is delivered In Person and / or Online in a range of formats and experiences:

– Leadership Excellence Assessment.
– Pre-program activity including multimedia and downloadable
reading content.
– Access to a private, online space for all program activity.
– A series of facilitated workshops for skills development that are
spread over the life of the program. These are offered both live
and recorded and are interactive.

Topics can include:

– The Missing 33%
– What is Leadership
– Think Like a CEO
– Speak the Language of Power
– Navigating Leadership at Every Level
– Career Enablers and Derailers
– Strategic Mentoring
– Networking for Career Success

Each module includes pre-work and post-workshop activities aligned to the key learning outcomes. A host and peer-to-peer mentoring and networking group for real time discussion, information sharing and problem solving. 

(* Covid-19 safe face to face facilitation by arrangement)


Advancing Women Managing Director, Michelle Redfern, has provided women’s leadership development programs globally in partnership with Leading Women, since 2016. She is an experienced executive with more than 30 years in executive leadership roles for Telstra, Serco and NAB. She is an experienced non-executive director having held positions in the sporting, financial and for-purpose sectors.

Michelle takes lead for all program development and for the facilitation of live content.

Advancing Women employs a Business Manager who is responsible for program logistics, coordination of participant materials and is a point of contact for clients for operational matters. The team is augmented as necessary by industry SMEs and facilitators.


ADVANCING WOMEN HAS DESIGNED AND successfully delivered similar programs for organisations such as:


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