My research into the conditions for women working in the Australian Sporting Sector began in 2017.

I knew gender equality was likely to be a key issue for the industry because of my significant experience as a corporate executive and sporting director meant that .

However, my research results proved to be surprising, not win a good way!  Women in the sporting industry are facing significant organisational and attitudinal barriers to advancing into leadership.

The result of these attitudes and the existence of societal barriers to female advancement have resulted in the sporting sector having a poor scoreboard result when it comes to gender equality.

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From Conversation to Action

Do you identify the need for a gender action plan within your organisation or club? Are you having limited success advancing women into leadership or increasing the number of women in your talent, membership and corporate sponsorship pipeline? If so, Advancing Women has the solution. 

Advancing women into leadership does not simply involve upskilling women to become effective leaders—after all, what is the point in having highly capable women who, due to cultural and structural barriers, are unable to move up in their careers? At Advancing Women, we believe it is important to build female leadership capability while simultaneously addressing the cultural and structural drivers of gender inequality within an organisation.

Advancing Women fills a gap in the market for customised gender equality action plans that suit the unique needs specific to an organisation. At Advancing Women there is no such thing as one-dimensional and ‘off the shelf’ initiatives; rather we use design thinking practices and a four-phase approach to build a gender action plan tailored to the organisation. This approach is effective, sustainable, and deceptively simple.

To ensure your sporting organisation develops and delivers a winning strategy for women, please contact the founder of Advancing Women, Michelle Redfern.

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