Advancing Women in Sport

Advancing Women in Sport Michelle RedfernMy research into the conditions for women working in the Australian Sporting Sector began in 2017.

My significant experience as a corporate executive and sporting director meant that I knew gender equality was likely to be a key issue for the industry.

However, my research results proved to be surprisingly worse than anticipated.  Women in the sporting industry are facing significant organisational and attitudinal barriers to advancing into leadership.


The result of these attitudes and the existence of societal barriers to female advancement have resulted in the sporting sector having a poor scoreboard result when it comes to gender equality.


For example, in the Australian Sporting Industry:


  1. Only 3.9% of CEO’s are female 
  2. There is a 31.6% gender pay gap
  3. 70% of women believe their gender is a barrier to advancement
  4. 46% of women do not believe their organisation is a meritocracy
  5. 56% of women aspire to an executive role in the sporting industry

The Solution to Advancing Women in Sport

With this in mind, I have developed an industry specific, multi-faceted solution  to advance women in sport.

Strategy 1: Design4Diversity

Advancing Women levels the playing field by diagnosing, designing & delivering your gender equality action plan to advance women and help your sporting organisations ecosystem prosper.  High impact strategies to attract, engage and grow the numbers of female leaders, athletes, members, corporate members and supporters.

Strategy 2: Advancing Women Female Leadership Program

Advancing Women lifts the capability of females (staff, athletes, members, corporate members and supporters) in your organisations ecosystem with a bespoke 6 module practical  leadership, business & commercial skills development program. Not confidence building, not fixing women, business skills development to advance women, so everyone prospers.

Strategy 3: Advancing Women Events

Women make 85% of buying decisions in the home and have increasing impact on corporate spend and sponsorships. Clubs and organisations serious about advancing their female employees, athletes, sponsors, supporters and volunteers engaged Advancing Women to design and deliver innovative, inclusive and female friendly events and workshops to leverage the significant and growing female economy.

To ensure your sporting organisation develops and delivers a winning strategy for women, please contact the founder of Advancing Women, Michelle Redfern.

Michelle Redfern Advancing Women Founder


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