Actually, You Have Heaps of Time to Get Some Awesome Shit Done!

I am known as the Get Shit Done woman. I am a planner and I set my priorities aligned to the awesome shit I need to get done. So that’s why I get awesome shit done, every day!

Whilst time is equal for everyone, it is elastic. And that if we are to manage time well, we need to treat our priorities like emergencies

– Lauren Vanderkam

In her Ted Talk, Laura Vanderkam recounts the anecdote of a woman who came home to find a busted water pipe in her house. Now this was unplanned (clearly) and subsequently took up 7 hours of that woman’s time for the week. Which was unplanned. Which of course, she managed to do. Because it was a priority to manage. She needed to get that shit done!

Laura says she could tell you she doesn’t have time to dust her blinds, but that wouldn’t be true: “If you offered to pay me $100,000 to dust my blinds, I would get to it pretty quickly.” So instead of saying you don’t have time to invest in get shit done activities to fuel your career,, say, “I don’t do x because it’s not a priority.”

My Simple Formula to Get Awesome Shit Done

I have a simple formula when it comes to time management. It is highly effective, is customisable to individual context and very flexible.

I have a 24 hour’ budget’ of time each day. I budget for two ‘must do’ activities each day:

  • 8 hours for sleeping
  • 8 hours for working

8 hours are ‘left over’ for discretionary activity which includes the things on my “Life Audit” priority list such as:

  • Nurturing my relationships
  • Moving my body
  • Nourishing my body

How are you spending your budget of 24 hours each day?  Are you deliberately and intentionally spending it? Or are you getting to the end of each day/week thinking where did the time go and what impact have I had?

In other words, how are you planning to get awesome shit done each week? For your career? For your life?

Is Your Career A Get Shit Done Emergency?

What if your career aspirations assumed the equivalent importance of a busted water pipe?

What if your career became an emergency like the busted water pipe? (Ever been made redundant?)  

What if you committed to no longer saying “I don’t have time” which often means, “It’s not a priority.”

What would you do differently, now, with your time?

  • Would you hang out with a group of supportive women that will support you to level up your career?
  • Would you tap into a professional career mentor that can answer the hard questions you have about having a career that soars?
  • Would you critically analyse where your career is at and have the courage to make a mid-course correction?

If you are wondering how to get the awesome shit done for you, your career (and especially your earning potential and financial security) then I have the answers:

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  2. Register for my Get Shit Done Bootcamp  which is for women who want to slow down to speed up by prioritising time to Get Awesome Shit Done for their career. Premium ACtS! members $85 US. Public members $150 US.

So if you have evert struggled to make time for everything, it’s time to stop, breathe and reflect on what’s important, why it is important and importantly what you are going to do about that. 

Now is the time to join A Career that Soars, plan your next move and get some awesome shit done to have the life and career you deserve.


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