A Massive Welcome to the Business in Colour Podcast

Once upon a time, I met a businesswoman who was going to help me, another businesswoman, to achieve better business results and more collaborative culture for the teams I led here in Australia and off-shore in India. Yes, she helped me to do that. But what else happened after this fateful meeting was that I gained a lifelong friend, collaborator, wise counsellor, co-founder and someone who has helped me to keep evolving my worldview.

That businesswoman is Div Pillay. Together with Vick Pillay, Div and I created CDW (Culturally Diverse Women & Workforces.) Now, Div has forged ahead into new territory and joined forces with a very credentialed businesswoman Sadhana Smiles to start the Business in Colour podcast. I am so pleased to be able to listen to two Women of Colour, who discuss both their own journeys, as well as the journeys of other People of Colour. Div and Sadhana highlight without fear or favour the injustices that they have experienced or observed as well as allies and advocates that are taking action for racial justice.

In Div’s own words:

We started this initiative earlier on in the year, moved by George Floyd’s death and how it took his death to amplify and accelerate conversations in Australia about First Nation’s people’s rightful place and other people of diverse races and cultures; and their inclusion in Australia. Our guests are senior leaders and change makers, who have helped us navigate some challenging times, from the lockdown Towers in Melbourne, to divisive media responses, to VP elect Kamala Harris and more. They have been stellar in being open with us about their impact and the opportunities for more race and cultural inclusion in our lives, in business and in society.

A massive welcome to Business in Colour from Advancing Women in Business & Sport – the voices of both of you as businesswomen, women of colour and changemakers are much needed and I hope will be much-listened to!

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Welcome to Business In Colour, hosted by Div Pillay & Sadhana Smiles. In this introduction episode, we’d love for you to get to know who we are and what inspired us on this journey to share these important conversations with you. Our producer & fellow podcaster, Maritza Barone joins us for episode 1.

Business in colour is a podcast that inspires, empowers and mobilizes leaders and allies to understand and act for greater diversity. Hear our stories so that you understand our journey, our experiences and our wants. We bring to you leaders who are doing incredible work in this space. We know this work is not easy, we know the challenges leaders face. Our hope is that by listening to the leaders on the Business In Colour podcast, you make a commitment to act for positive change. Our businesses must reflect the colours of the communities we work and live in.