8 Quick Questions to Remove Doubt and Your Boost Confidence
8 Quick Questions to Remove Doubt and Your Boost Confidence

Confidence is a topic that frequently emerges when women discuss how to advance their careers. “Be more confident” is often either the career goal or the career advice given to women. If confidence is the secret sauce for success, then how can women learn how to get more of it? In other words, what does it really mean to be a confident woman? Keep reading to get some good advice as well as the 8 questions you can ask to remove doubt about what to do next and boost your confidence game.

Circling Round to Confidence

We have lots and lots of conversations with women about confidence in A Career that Soars! If you tuned into Episode 19 of the Lead to Soar podcast, you’ll already know that we had some robust discussion about what ‘being a confident woman’ is all about. In this podcast, I said that confidence is about being clear about who I am, what I bring, the value that I create, in whatever interaction I’m having.

 Susan Colantuono, my co-host in A Career that Soars says:

Confidence, competence and courage are related in multiple ways. For example, Confidence comes and rests on a base of competence. And at the same time, confidence is what gives us the courage to push beyond the comfort zone of our known competence. So I think all three work together, to help us take steps in our careers to put ourselves forward, and to move towards success.

This is the sort of knowledge bomb that we’ve come to expect from Susan. This is why we have a career network, for women at all career stages. A Career that Soars is the platform where this knowledge, and more, is shared with our women members so that they gain confidence and reach their full potential.

Questions About Your Career

We think it’s time to address this alleged confidence gap that so often gets discussed in the context of women. A Career that Soars! provides LOTS of opportunities for women to boost their confidence game. Whether it’s in our monthly member meetup (think all women, funny, supportive and informative) or in one of our monthly workshops, which are live (yes a real person, not a recording) or the content your hosts post to provide information, inspiration and actionable insights.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you want to join a group of supportive women that will support you to level up your career?
  2. Do you want hundreds of professional career mentors that can answer the hard questions you have?
  3. Do you believe that the playing field still hasn’t been levelled?
  4. Do you need a mid-course correction because your career has stalled?
  5. Do you take leadership development courses from your organisation and expect them to help you climb the corporate ladder?
  6. Do you wonder why a man got the job you thought you were perfect for?
  7. Do you wonder why your excellent interpersonal skills still haven’t propelled you up the organisation?
  8. Do you want to be more confident, self-assured and go after the career that you deserve?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then why don’t you join our amazing global community of businesswomen, boost your confidence game, and have a career that soars!

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