I became a full time entrepreneur in 2016. I chose to make the announcement about my change of work status on LinkedIn.
That post received over 32,000 views and 500+ comments. Holy Moley!
That’s just one piece of evidence that LinkedIn is a powerful tool for women to use to build and nurture their brand and their network. Read More….
That’s why on May 31 2018, I’m teaming up with Bonnie Power, founder of Perfect Boom for another cracking WWGI professional networking event to help women manage LinkedIn to advance their careers & businesses.

My event, “Why Women Need LinkedIn & How to Use It”will be hosted by myself & Bonnie who is a leading LinkedIn speaker & trainer.
We will have a practical Masterclass, a panel of expert women, facilitated networking a lot of fun plus show bags, prizes wine, bubbly & canapés. Woohoo!

5 Reasons You Must Attend

1️⃣ You are overdue to do some digital housekeeping on your LinkedIn profile and don’t know how;
2️⃣ You need to grow your business and leverage the power of LinkedIn to build a sales funnel and aren’t sure how to have impact;
3️⃣ You are actively managing your career and you want to be headhunted for your dream job;
4️⃣ You need a kick-butt set of corporate headshots by Matthew Cook (best photographer of women around);
5️⃣ You want to hang out and have fun with some awesome professional women to extend your professional network.
My WWGI events are inspirational, informative and help women to learn, connect and advance.
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