The fight for gender equality arguably shouldn’t have ever been a fight.  In my idealistic and perfect world, men and women from all walks of life would grow up as equals from day one. Obviously, that’s not what’s happened and (most of) society has been patriarchal since the dark ages  and its been a case of same old same old ever since.

For the modern woman, this is a frustrating state of affairs and not only affects our social worth, but our financial worth as men are still systematically paid more than women for like for like jobs. While equality for women has come a long way in the last 100 years, and there is much progress to celebrate, there is still has a long way to go when it comes to the gender wage gap.  The change that is occurring is because of deliberate, mindful and purposeful focus on the issue. Organisations such as WGEA,  UN Women and the Australian Human Rights Commission  continue t shine a light on the systemic issues that prevents women from achieving economic equality. Their advocacy for closing the gender pay gap means that business leaders have little choice but to take notice and take action!     
So, keeping that in mind, what can we do to help increase the intensity of the spotlight, and help further the push for equal pay? A lot of women clearly agree that things have to change, but they’re often at a loss for what to do. They may be unable to attend marches or gatherings and think they won’t be able to contribute. Well, there’s always something you can do to make a difference. Speaking of which, here are a few ways you can help push for equal pay, just by using your phone.
Advancing Women in Business & Sport

Tweet About It

Simply put, the best way to help push for equal pay and brighten the spotlight is to tweet about it. Get on Twitter and post about your own experiences with unequal pay. Share content from other people, and just generally spread the word. Twitter can be a nasty place, but the last year has proven it’s a great tool for starting a meaningful cause. Movements like #MeToo and #TimesUp were born on Twitter, and the impact they’ve had on society has been monumental. If we can open Twitter up on our phones, and use it in the right way, we’ll soon make this issue one that can never be avoided.

Create An App

If you want to try to start something big and you’ve got the skills then think about working with other women to develop an app. It can be a lengthy process; you have to come up with the basic idea of the app, then the design, then contact developers, go through QA best practices to ensure the quality is right, test the app, release alpha and beta versions, and so on. It’s a lot of work, but the result can be very impactful. Think about it, you could create an app that women can use to connect with data and research, lets face it, sites like Glassdoor have been great ways for the public to find out about matters (such as great employers) from crowdsourcing.   Your app could also act as a social community for women to talk to one another about these issues and organize protests, etc. We Can Be Sheroes, co-founded by Nele Vandermissen and  Elizabeth Haines is a great example of exactly this action. Creating an app means people have something to rally behind, and this encourages more and more women to get involved. Not only that, but you bring together lots of different resources surrounding the topic, in a bid to educated people on it.

We Can Be Sheroes

Call Your MP

Finally, you can take a more direct approach and use your phone to call members of parliament.  A lot of people are unaware that you can do this, and it’s a good way of being engaged with what goes on in your area.   n my experience, putting in a call to your government official to voice your concern or to provide feedback is powerful and not often thought about. If you keep calling, they will take notice, particularly in an election year!  

As you can see, there are ways you can engage in the fight for equal pay, just by taking advantage of a device everyone has access to. I’d also say it’s well worth doing a lot of reading and consuming content by female leaders about this subject. Sometimes, it helps to see things written from another persons perspective in order to understand how serious and unjust they are. Regardless of how you help push the fight for equal pay, it’s just so important that you try. We can all #PressForProgress and together, we are more powerful. 

Michelle Redfern Advancing Women Founder

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