Why Its a Good Idea to Take Charge of Your Brand.

I am the CEO of my own company… Michelle Redfern Inc. and I take the time, make the effort and generate competitive advantage by creating a positive online presence and as a result, professional brand.

Great CEO’s know that their product, their market and their value proposition sets the agenda for the company brand awareness and equity.  So on that basis, I think you should get used to the fact that you are a brand. Ask yourself this. Is your personal brand being defined by you? Or are you allowing your brand to be determined by others? Brand or be branded I say!

Alright, point proving time. Have you even done any of these?

  1. Arranged to meet a new friend for lunch
  2. Booked a coffee meeting with a new business contact
  3. Gone for an interview
  4. Interviewed someone

Yes, most of us have and if you’re like me and millions (yes millions) of other people, you will have “Googled” the person who will be on the other side of the table.  More than likely they have done the same on you.

Google your own name right now.

Go on…..and see what comes up. Like what you see? If you don’t, read this article for some great advice from Dorie Clarke, one of the foremost authorities on marketing.

Michelle is an astute businesswoman & keen entrepreneur who has founded a business to advise women about how to shatter the glass ceiling & be successful, in whatever way they define success. Founded by a woman, run by women, for women. Michelle is a mentor, advisor, runs events & speaks about her vision to create a gender equal world. Michelle’s business supports, advocates, activates and champions women of all ages and stages.

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