How to get happy on hump day!

Happy hump day! Uh oh…..did I just detect an eye roll? Or did I interrupt you checking your calendar one more time just to see how many hours it is until Friday yay day?

Even if work isn’t that grim, have you ever wondered what’s next? What step do I want to take in my career? What is my next role? What the <bleep> am I going to put on my development plan that my boss wants to see. Uh huh. You’re not alone.

Hitting this bump in the road is common, particularly for women in the mid stage of their career. 

I know it certainly happened for me when I ‘suddenly’ realised a few things about 12 years ago. I’d spent nearly 15 years at Telstra, was in my late 30’s, divorced, had teenage kids and started a relationship with the love of my life. Everything was right, except one day I went to work and felt stuck. I was at some crossroads with a new role and thought, this simply isn’t for me. But hell, what is? So I decided to take a risk and leap….I resigned. Gulp. With no job to go to and a buffer of about 3 months pay up my sleeve. (Always handy to have a f*** off fund!)

Fortunately, I secured  a role which turned out to be quite pivotal for the experience and skills gained, the network I developed and friendships I made. I was bloody lucky! I had made an emotional and risky decision (I was the main breadwinner) but whether it was guts, naivety or superbly strategic, I’ve never regretted it.

I then embarked upon my first formal coaching relationship.

I had been coaching my people, sporting teams and even tried it with my kids (ha ha) for 20 years I suppose, however I had never had the benefit of being coached. My coach was (is) a fabulous human who I remain in contact with, talked to me about my strengths, how to build on them and helped me understand my potential derailers and blockers. My coaching sessions with him had a profound effect on me, not least of which was to begin to understand what was behind my need for perfectionism and how I suffered from imposter syndrome…and I wasn’t alone! I learned the benefit of having a trusted, independent and pragmatic guide. A coach.

Have you ever felt stuck or at the crossroads of your career? 

Or maybe you know there is just more for you, but don’t know what! Perhaps your head is full of possibilities and it’s driving you mad trying to work out what to do.

If this sounds like you, I wonder if you’ve taken the time to understand what makes you tick. Worked out what your unique strengths  are. Mapped out what your ‘really, really, really’ is…you know “I really, really, really want a pair of diamond earrings”! What are your career “diamond earrings”? What do you need to do to ignite your passion & purpose?

What if you chose to enlist some help? This is a great article that gives a glimpse of the benefits of career coaching for women.

I believe in the power and benefit of coaching and mentoring, obviously, since much of the work I do is just that. I  specialise in mentoring, coaching and training women, for many reasons, but predominantly because women can benefit so deeply from dedicated attention when they are juggling everything and everyone, usually resulting in prioritizing themselves last! Yes, I am a massive fan of the benefits of coaching and mentoring, but don’t just take my word for it, here is another great article detailing some of the outcomes you may receive.

Strengths based coaching and practical, corporate focussed mentoring is the hallmark of my approach which is grounded in my experience of navigating life, kids, marriage, divorce, partnerships, business and the corporate jungle gym. Being mentored by a woman like me  who has traveled a lot of paths means you receive a completely authentic experience from a trusted, independent, pragmatic guide, just like I had with my first mentor.

So…..what’s next for you? Perhaps it’s having a great conversations with someone like me. Happy Hump Day (or whatever day it’s is that you’re reading this!)

Michelle is an astute businesswoman & keen entrepreneur who has founded a business to coach, train & mentor women of all ages and stages. Michelle wants to shatter the glass ceiling & help women be successful, in whatever way they define success. Founded by a woman, run by women, for women and the organisations that employ women. Michelle coaches, mentors, consults, runs events & speaks about her vision to create a gender equal world.

Have you heard about my “Women Who Get It” networking group? 

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