My Heart is So Happy When Women Support Women

My Feisty blog was published in Women’s Agenda a while back. Very cool. What is cooler is that I was inspired to write the blog by Marina Go who also wrote for Womens Agenda (she’s one of the founders). Marina has published a book on the Top 20 tips for female leaders. Its a great read and buying, then promoting this book is a very practical way for me to support the sisterhood. Supporting women is at the core of what I do. This is why and how I support women.

Do You Need a Reason to Support Women?

IMG_5028I write about women supporting other women because my vision is to have an equal world where gender is irrelevant. I want my daughter and son to have equal opportunities, enjoy the same wins, face the same challenges and flourish simply because of their hard work and talent. That is not the case right now. My son will out-earn and outperform my daughter, simply because he is male. I love him, but that is an unacceptable state of play for my daughter and all the women of her generation. The system is so stacked against women right now, with little more than a glacial rate of positive change. Women can help (each other) to change that.  We are 51% of the world, a formidable force when we combine our collective wisdom, effort and intent.


My Playbook

I dont think there would be many people who could question what my mission in life is. However, in case you’re new to reading my stuff, here goes:

My mission is to fix ‘the system’ by guiding and advising sports and business leaders how to create gender balanced, inclusive organisations.  I also guide and advise women how to successfully navigate the system, until we all fix it!  Until we achieve a gender equal world.

Some of my strategies in my playbook to achieve gender equality are:

  • Be a highly visible woman in sport and business. By speaking up and speaking out. Giving women a role model, a voice and a platform to be visible and heard.
  • Help men who have women in their businesses by advising how to take action on the gender equality plan.
  • Help women in business with female leadership and mentoring programs. (Not fixing women!)
  • Support women, first and foremost!

How does that play out? I support women who are female entrepreneurs, leaders and business owners by:

  • Make informed buying choices. I buy from female founded and/or owned companies where possible and I only buy from businesses that are demonstrably serious about gender equality.
  • Providing a safe online space for women to learn, connect and advance.
  • Curating events that promote and support women.
  • Advocating strongly for the economic and social empowerment and advancement of women in my board roles and across social media.

Madeleine Albright once said;

‘There is a special place in hell for women that don’t help other women’.

I DO support other women. Why don’t you too?

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