Supporting the Sisterhood

My Feisty blog was published in Women’s Agenda this week. Very cool. What is cooler is that I was inspired to write the blog by Marina Go who also wrote for Womens Agenda recently. I found out this morning via Facebook that Marina has published a book on the Top 20 tips for female leaders. If Marina’s first article was anything to go by, it will a good practical read. So I’m getting behind it and practising supporting the sisterhood!

I’m blogging about women supporting other women because my vision is to have an equal world where gender is irrelevant. I want my daughter and son (22 & 26) to have equal opportunities, enjoy the same wins, face the same challenges and thrive at life simply because of their talent. That is not the case right now. My son will out-earn and outperform my daughter, simply because he is male. I love him, but that is an unacceptable state of play for my daughter and all the women of her generation.

My mission and calling is to develop, coach, mentor and guide the current and next generation of female leaders and business owners so I can correct  the gender imbalance for the next generation. One of my (many) strategies to achieve this is to be a highly visible woman in business, helping women in business or helping men who have women in ther businesses.  How does that play out? By making sure I support other female entrepreneurs, leaders and business owners, vocally, financially, spiritually. One of the ways I do this is to make informed buying choices for my business and my life. I buy from female founded and/or owned companies where possible (Boost Juice, Red Balloon!) or I buy from businesses that are demonstrably serious about gender equality. I advocate strongly in the workplace for the economic empowerment of women and I actively promote other women, their aspirations and their businesses.

The wonderful Madeleine Albright once said “there is a special place in hell for women that don’t help other women’. In that spirit, I am throwing my support behind another woman,  Marina Go, who has penned this book. Why don’t you too?

Michelle founded her own business in 2015 to provide a safe, friendly environment to guide women who are, or aspire to live a life well lived. Whether you are a leader, entrepreneur, founder or business owner, Michelle and her team can be your trusted guides as you navigate the great journey of life and work.

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