Another couple of “F” Words……

I saw this article pop up in my Facebook feed and immediately opened the article and read through it. Why?? Because I reckon that I am a late bloomer who didn’t hit her stride until my “Fabulous” forties and now being a (just) fifty-something so I was curious to see who was featured. I was also interested to see what was construed as “late” in life. Pleasingly the women featured, with two exceptions were fabulous, feisty, fantastic forty and fifty somethings.

Yep, there’s a whole lot of F going on!

I’ve been happily filling my life with a full time job, board work, study and a small business for a while now. I love it.

I am confident, assured,happy and have some amazing stories to tell and experience to share.

This life and work experience, along with a lot of professional development, underpin what I deliver; coaching and mentoring for women, particulary women in the stage of life where they are juggling career, business, life, parenting, partnering and caring. I help these women to thrive, not just survive.

My coach and I were talking about my goals this week.  I said wouldn’t it be amazing if my 22 year old daughter could be coached, mentored and developed to have the same level of self-confidence, self-belief and self-assurance that I do…but achieve it by 25, not wait until her forties like I did. Therein lies my purpose and mission in life.

My mission is to advance women worldwide. ~ends~

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