3 simple steps to win at work and at life

Are you winning, losing or just staying afloat? Are you thriving or surviving?

Are you following your bliss, living your dreams and fulfilling your aspirations? Are you living a life well lived? Are you thriving…..or are you (insert gloomy music) just surviving?

Stay with me, here are three simple steps you can take to start winning at work and at life.

Step 1: Check In On your Self Talk

One of the signals of surviving not thriving is your self-talk. How familiar do some of these sound?

  • I’m not smart enough
  • I wonder if I really belong here?
  • They might find out I’m not as qualified as them
  • Did I get here by luck or accident?

Despite notable success, many women harbour the belief that they have set their sights too high, have unrealistic goals and have achieved what they have achieved through luck or other coincidence. Many women find themselves listening to a niggly little voice such as The Inner Critic which Tara Mohr talks about in her book Playing Big. Tara encourages women to stop listening to that voice, and so do I! Women want to feel legitimate in the corporate world that they inhabit, however can struggle with positive and compassionate self-talk and, in some cases, a crippling lack of confidence.

Step 2: Acknowledge the imposter

The first step in your personal journey to bliss is to acknowledge that you may well be suffering from impostor syndrome.

Women can underestimate their strengths, abilities and potential, no matter what their life or career stage. As a result, their ability to effectively lead and manage teams is not optimized because they are seeking the extrinsic validation or ‘stamp of credibility’ that is described in Campbell’s Hero’s Journey. The truth is, the only one who can validate you is of course, you!

Step 3: Get the right advice.

I am passionate (yes an overused word) about supporting women of all ages and stages to get in touch with their unique skills and strengths in order to develop their own, special road-map to thriving, not just surviving. I hate it when I hear some of the outrageously bad advice given to women!

I designed all my programs to be useful, relevant, challenging, yet compassionate and motivating for the women I work with. I love creating the space for women to examine their strengths, abilities and development opportunities without judgment but with a bias for action.

Conversations in my masterclasses, mentoring groups and leadership programs are designed to unlock womens potential, increase their self-awareness and inspire women to take action to tell your Inner Critic to Shut The F*** Up!

So……back to my first question……are you wining, losing or just staying afloat? Are you thriving, or just surviving? If its the latter….then its time to get in touch.

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2 thoughts on “3 simple steps to win at work and at life

  1. I totally relate to this. I’ve struggled with imposter syndrome in the past, but just identifying it has made it easier for me to deal with it. The inner critic can say what he likes, but that doesn’t make him right, lol. I’ve actually been reading about Imposter Syndrome lately in Amy Cuddy’s book about presence. There’s some very helpful information there. Anyway, thanks for a great post!

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