Critical Career Success Facts
2 Critical Career Success Facts Women (and their employers) Need to Know

There are 2 critical career and business success facts that women and their employers need to know.

1. Professional Competence + People Skills + Business Skills = Higher Leadership Positions

2. Business skills (including business, strategic and financial acumen) are the Missing 33% in the career success equation for women. 

Susan Colantuono, Author: No Ceiling, No Walls

We want women to discover how they can be a more confident credible businesswoman and ascend to higher leadership positions. So we’re inviting women to join us for Leadership IS. We will be enabling women to attain higher leadership positions and career success by learning these 2 critical career success facts in a practical, hands-on and intimate environment.

Over 2 days women who are serious about leadership and having a career that soars will discover their Missing 33%. We will provide them with the opportunity to understand and close their confidence gaps as well as leverage their strengths to pursue their business, leadership and career goals.

What are we covering?

First things first. This is a working retreat with applied learning opportunities! So participants will have the opportunity to discover, deeply understand and apply our 3-part leadership definition to their own careers. Participants will receive critical career success facts rarely shared with women in typical women’s leadership programs.

Leadership IS using the greatness in you to achieve and sustain extraordinary outcomes by engaging the greatness in others.

Women will also be able to strategically network with, and learn from, other businesswomen at different career stages.

Day 1 Discover Critical Career Success Facts

  • The Greatness in You
    • 6 Ways to Up Your Confidence Game 
    • Your Authentic Leadership 
  • Engage The Greatness in Others
    • Leadership that Gets Results 
    • 5 Engagement Strategies for Business and Life 

Day 2 Discover Critical Career Success Facts

  • How to Achieve and Sustain Extraordinary Outcomes 
    • The Missing 33% 
    • Metrics that Matter 
    • The Language of Business 
  • Systems for Success 
  • Accountability + Good Habits Planning for Future You

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If you’re an emerging or experienced woman leader working inside an organization and you have ambition to advance, but don’t have access to educational programs through your employer, A Career that Soars! (ACtS!) is for you. It’s a personal leadership and career development resource built around a global community of career-motivated women like you.

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